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Generic Valtrex - Differences?

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by ws6an, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. DANEL


    i have posted my blood test results of ebv, cmv and hhv6. didn't do xmrv, wonder if i should?

    i have been researching famvir and it contains lactose, don't think i can tolerate lactose.
    so i may have to try valtrex. how much does one take a day?
    i saw something in these post about 4g per day WOW. but you said you don't take that much.
    is your generic?
    is valtrex as toxic as valcyte? and do you need to do regular liver panels?
    is the generic versions of both of these as effective?

    i just called anthem bcbs my insurance. at first she quoted me after insurance 1g a day for 30 days $229 (can get better price online), then she told me about mail order and gave me the #. saying if i ordered from that it would only be a co-pay of $30 for the entire 3 months ($10 a month) and that was 1g 2x a day for 90 days

    i have to call and see if this is possible. i just need a doses per day.
    why didn't i know about mail order, seems another way for the insurance not to inform to get more money from the sick, what a scam. but if mail order is for real, we would all be able to get a break, if you have anthem, or maybe other ins companies have the same deal with a mail order service, worth checking out.

    thanks for the help
  2. ws6an


    To be honest i think 4g a day is overkill. I do fine on half that (2g a day) and could prob reduce it to 1.5g a day as i get good results from lower doses but i guess everyone is different and some people need higher doses. I would start off low and then build it up. I started at 1g a day and went from there.

    Generic Valtrex seems just as effective as branded pills, though i have had issues with certain generic versions. I find the Cipla ones the best personally.

    With regards to toxicity, Valtrex is nowhere near as toxic as Valcyte and my doctor is happy for me to take it for an extended basis as it is generally well tolerated with few side effects. That said I would recommend getting a liver function test before starting as it can cause problems if you have any renal impairment. Prob worth following up every few months as well to make sure that you are tolerating it ok.

    I'm not fortunate to get it covered on any insurance or through the NHS here in the UK, so can't really comment on that, but yes it will cost you considerably less ordering online, just do some shopping around for a reputable pharmacy. I personally find generic4all.com pretty good, their pricing is reasonable, shipping times are fast and their customer service is really good.

    Good luck!
  3. DANEL



    thanks for all your help
    i will call mail order from anthem first if i can get 2g a day for 90 days for $30 i will try, if not i will go with what you said and get cipla

    so glad you are doing better on this stuff, i am hopeful it may help me


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