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fundraising project

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by Tuha, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Tuha

    Tuha Senior Member


    I would like to ask you about a fundraising project which is in my mind for a long time.I would be happy about your opinion (even negativ one).

    I think that patients money are important source of funding ME research especially in our situation when there is a poor governemental support.I was impressed how much money the patients were able to donate in the last months - I think it was at least 500 000 USD and it was only for Norwegian and UK rhituximab study - so if we would count other studies it would be certainly more. Now there is this "Canary in a Coal mine" which got almost 100 000 USD after some days.

    I thought about creating "ongoing fundraising project" - actively promote some research studies. For example we would say 5 studies and each study would have for example 100 000 USD budget maximum. We would take them from different countries:
    - US
    - Canada
    - UK
    - Australia/ New Zeeland
    - European countries
    - later we could add also other countries if we would be successful

    If for example we got enough money for a US study then we would chose another US study to promote. So it would be like neverending ongoing fundraising campaign. I think if we would promote good and the patients would see that the others donate - they would be much more motivated to donate also. What do you think about? Thanks for any input.

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