Choline on the Brain? A Guide to Choline in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Discussion in 'Neurological/Neuro-sensory' started by geezee74, May 9, 2017.

  1. geezee74


    I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for 22 years and believe I have had some infections that have not been treated. Recently I have been experiencing symptoms associated with psychosis. Those around me believe that that I have experienced a breakdown. Although, I know that this is organic in nature rather than being simply a chemical imbalance in my brain.

    One of the main aspects that is terrifying is the fact that my long-term memory is being affected. A number of my symptoms are similar to those affected by lyme psychosis.

    Additionally, I have a a very strange symptom; when I am about to rest or sleep my mind starts to become wild. It Generates images and situations that I've never experienced but they are very real. My mind jumps from one thing to another but I'm scared of this is crossing over into time when I'm trying to concentrate, watch TV, interact with the children et cetera. I've had this for a number of years but it's got worse recently. Additionally my ability to visualise is decreasing. This is very difficult to explain.
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