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Fried patato and meat diet

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by antares4141, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. My favorite digestive enzyme is Dr Pepper, lol.
    Actually threw a 16oz can of concentrated orange juice in a pot with a quart of water and four bananas and simmered it for about 45 minutes. Sound's crazy but thinking being maybe if I cook it I won't react to it.
    Seems to be working didn't get sick afterwards.
  2. m1she11e

    m1she11e Senior Member

    Interesting! I have been around health and nutrition my whole life. I have mainly ate Organic veggies, went through phases of juicing and making green smoothies, avoided sugar, very little bread, little fruit, and no dairy. I could go on and on but have payed with versions of that for years. My mother is even more strict than I am. She is not sick like I am but has horrible psoriasis.

    Recently my mom started talking about Ray Peat and eastwesthealing.com. I assumed it was a variation on the same theme of diets. It is not at all!! I am eating lots of potatoes with butter and meat. (never been vegetarian). I drink Organic milk and cheese. You take Collagen (like unflavored Gelatin or a more healthy version available online) with all your meat because it is supposed to provide a more complete amino acid profile. The list of taboo things I am now eating goes on and on. It is very hard to understand. Ray Peat is an odd, brilliant man. I figure he is crazy or our "healthy" way of eating is actually killing us. He is highly against flax, fish oil etc. He doesnt like most supplements. Its worth a look but it takes a lot of research to even begin to think this theory may be valid and not just plain insane.

    My mom has been on this diet for almost 2 months. She has bloody, painful psoriasis on her neck and up the back of her head. NOTHING has ever improved it in all of these years and she has done every "health program" there is. Currently, after this 2 months on the diet, her Psoriasis his half what it is. She also has a swollen, painful knee and the swelling has gone down more than half.

    Fried potatoes (if in Coconut or Olive oil) and meat is a big part of my diet now. Tastes good too!! I have only been doing this for 2 weeks. I am still trying to understand it and I still struggle with "this isnt good for me" thoughts.

  3. xrayspex

    xrayspex Senior Member

    interesting! will look up ray peat
    fish oil makes me feel awful
    its pretty individual but i think lesson is to do what makes ya feel better. i think over the years i tried to impose things upon myself because i read it was good for me, like the candida diet, man did I feel terrible on that restrictive thing, could only last 10 days and felt insane, broke down and ran to store and got some chocolate haha
  4. I'm starting to wonder about the diet also, I've been on it a little more than a month and the results are better than anything I have tried since I started restrictive diets. Problem is I am really worried about all this grease and what it's going to do to me short term let alone long term. Main reason I suggested it to others was so that they could see if there is a strong correlation between what they are eating and their symptoms, maybe to use it as a baseline from which to find other foods that are safe, and also it might be a clue that will lead researchers in a direction that might help them better understand or find a physical pathology that can explain CFS. I'm hoping to hear from people that give it a serious try weather they are seeing what I am seeing as far as the reduction of symptoms. That in and of it'self would be very interesting if an overwhelming majority of people who tried this had positive results.

    I have another theory as to why I feel better on the diet, maybe cause the food is cooked so thoroughly there is much less work for my digestive system to do to get the nutrients into the bloodstream. Just theory's though.

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