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Found Anatabloc helps me

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by redrachel76, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. redrachel76

    redrachel76 Senior Member

    I tried Anatabloc for the CFS, it did nothing for the CFS and fibro pain. But my gut has improved a bit on it.

    The only problem is that they won't sell it outside the USA anymore, so I need to find some way of getting it to Israel. If anyone knows a reliable mail forwarding company, let me know.

    Anyway, just thought I would let others with gut problems know about Anatabloc. Apparently it helped mice with M.S walk b/c it has antiinflammatory substances in it.
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  2. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    Europe + Asia
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