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Food and Chemical Sensivity and Allergy shots/drops

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by AbbyDear, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. AbbyDear


    I found a previous thread that may have touched on this topic, but would like to get some more input if there is some out there. Like others, I have become extremely sensitive to most food and chemical, in addition to some environmental (mold, pollen, etc.). The reaction is severe, and extremely painful.

    It is my understanding that antigen shots/drops (immunotherapy) are not quite able to treat/remedy food allergy and/or food intolerance yet, though there may be some work in this area. Can anyone speak to the availability and/or effectiveness of treating food allergy/intolerance with shots/drops? Furthermore, if they can (possibly) treat a handful of food allergy (IgE), can they possibly treat 100's of them (food allergy, food intolerance, chemical intolerance) at this time? Can they treat chemical sensitivity with shots/drops?

    It has been suggested that if you do treat environmental allergies (IgE) via shots/drops, that this will help the food and chemical sensitivity. Can anyone comment on the effectiveness of this (allergy shots/drops for environmental) might have on food/chemical sensitivity? Is there any documentation to confirm this either way?

    Can anyone speak to the effectiveness (or not) of allergy shots/drops on overall symptoms? or is effect limited to just nasal/sinus/throat reactions? Can allergy be a main contributor to condition?

    Any experience, good or bad, on allergy shots/drops is welcome. Are there any negative effects noted? Thanks.
  2. AbbyDear


    Anyone ever try Low Dose Allergen immunotherapy (LDA) ?
  3. mir



    I am sorry to hear of your chemical sensitivity troubles, it can really be hell that kind of experience.

    For years I had shots to treat a dustmites allergy, that was before my ME adventure started. They helped reduce my allergy reactions, perhaps. However, if I get too close for too long to mites I still get a reaction which can develop into full respiratory symptoms including asthma.

    Years after I came down with ME I developed severe MCS. I tried immunotherapy but did not work well for me.
    At some point I thought I was going to die as I could not take in any food and could not sleep due to sensitivity to smells. Eventually the mcs resolved "naturally".

    I have met many people at the clinic where I was briefly treated with immunotherapy and all of them seemd to be helped regardless of whether they suffered from chemical sensitivity, allergy or intolerance. I knew a man who had severe mcs and to date the only treatment that has worked for him has been immunotherapy. Here's some hopefully helpful information http://www.breakspearmedical.com/files/allergy.html

    I do not know much about EPD only that all the mcs and allergy specialists I spoke to advised me against it.

    Best wishes.
  4. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    Hi Abbie,

    I had EPD through the Homeopathic Hospital in London. It did take a long time to see the effects but it helped with my allergies to pollens and also to some foods.

    No effect on my overall ME symptoms and general functioning though. It was a relief though not to spend summer with a tee-shirt as a hankerchief finally.

    Didn't see any change to my MCS as part of the good effects of the EPD.

    Before the EPD I had previous blood and skin pricks tests at an allergy clinic and also about 2 years of treatment by an experimental private doctor who used low dose injections. Had little luck with these.

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