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Food allergies, elimination diet, help!!

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by SickOfSickness, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Mya Symons

    Mya Symons Mya Symons

    I did the elimination diet. It felt like slow torture. I did not notice that I felt any different by illiminating any foods, except milk which kills my stomach. However, I did loose 20 pounds and my husband lost 30. I don't know if that was because the food we illiminated was bad for us or because all the stuff we liked was illiminated and everything else tasted like crap:). Do you have the illimination diet recipe book? There is a dish in the book the doctor gave me that is ground turkey, carrots and rice. It's pretty awesome. It helps to have good recipes. If you would like some and don't have the book, I can try to dig through my stuff to see if I can find it.

    Being intolerant to so many foods would be so difficult. I am so sorry you have to go through that. The only problem I have with reactions is smells and anything that comes in direct contact with my skin. I can't wear jewelry and have to wear my hair up or I get a rash or tiny blisters. Some perfume causes me to have an asthmatic reaction, so I carry my enhaler. (Does anyone else ever feel like beating the smack out of those people who wear too much cologne or perfume? It used to be only the women, but now the men are doing it too.)
  2. willow

    willow Senior Member

    East Midlands
    I don't know whose diet that is Joshua, but I wouldn't tolerate most of that.
  3. antherder

    antherder Senior Member

    Apparently most fish has sulfites, but you won't usually find it on the label. The fish can be sulfited on the ship, long before it makes it to processing. My friend who has a sulfite problem reacts to fish, tinned and fresh. Fish also has histamines...

    I've also read that the gelatin in fish oil capsules is sulfited.
  4. antherder

    antherder Senior Member

    While at the supermarket, years ago, I saw one of the workers spraying the glass in the fruit and vegetable section with window cleaner-droplets of which were landing on the produce. Droplets of POISON.

    When I was a teenager I worked in a fruit and vegetable store. A large display of peaches was attracting attention not from shoppers, but from fruit flies. My boss told me to wait till there weren't many customers about, and then to go and spray the peaches...with FLY SPRAY. I refused. He did it himself. I remember the horrified look from one of the few customers in the shop. I hate to think how many people he might have harmed by his idiotic actions.

    So yeah, you can't trust supermarkets. As if there aren't enough poisons on our food before it hits their shelves...
  5. SickOfSickness

    SickOfSickness Senior Member

    Ew about window cleaner & fly spray!

    I want to start shopping at farmer's markets for all my meat & fruits & veg. And try to be okay with spending more. Hopefully I can still eat decent fruits & veg in the winter.

    So far in my life, I eat a lot of frozen veggies, but I'm betting those get sprayed and otherwise processed too.

    It would be easier if I could at least have nuts & legumes. I'm hoping I am not allergic if they organic. (Hoping it's just peanuts which are different.)
  6. lmarea


    need help fast!

    Are EPD injections available in the US? What kind of doctor can help me with the elimination diet? Are there any good books on the subject? I'm allergic to food, metals, cleaning products, pollen, dust, pet dander, cleaning products and medicationsI think I covered it all. I get dizzy, congested and sometimes my throat starts to close up when I am around things that I'm allergic to. Please help!:confused:
  7. Racehorse


    Hi SOS,

    New here, specifically logged in to share my experience w/elimation diet when I read your posts.

    Please don't take this wrong but you are all over the place and finding what things you can injest, which make your body and mind feel clear, has to be done methodically. I say this because I was where you are now, and finally just decided to find a nutritionist to work with.

    The more restrictive your beginning elimination diet is, the better. It's not a day at the beach but I finally decided to just get it over with since I was tired of the guesswork.

    I really think you would benefit from working WITH someone, someone careful and loving, who has background and experience in this. I lucked out by just going to the nutritionist at my local hospital, turns out she was a perfect *match* for me to work with. She was also familiar with stuff like the new research on genes, DAK I think they are called, and we can actually see inflammation genes turn on by eating certain inflamatory foods.

    I strongly encourage you to embark on a very disciplined elimination diet, and work with someone who will keep you focussed, journaling, and will review your notes. Someone who will tell you what symptoms you are looking for, when and how to add things back in, etc.

    My heart goes out to you because I can see you are suffering, but this just doesn't look like a task you can complete *on your own* due to the reasons you state (brain fog, etc.). What you are doing is scaring yourself away from so many foods that may or may not even be problems for you, because it's not being done methodically.

    I was able to completely cure my IBS as well as low-grade but very chronic depression, fibro joint aches, etc. I lost 30 pounds, my knees feel great now, and I walk 30-45 min a day. Before this, I was like an 80 year old at the age of 50. :)

    So, it's hard, but worth it! I hope you find somebody to work with :)

    I look at my body now like a fine-tuned race car, having adjusted the fuel/oxygen/air/oil mixtures and I purr-rrr-rrr- when started now. LOL

    ETA: just noticed this topic is from 2010, oh well, still a good topic, always timely!
  8. hoMEy


    The Matrix
    i'll share my diet as it may help someone else. it's all inclusive, i.e. good for m.e., crohns, diabetes etc.
    it avoids raw which the chinese say weakens the spleen pancreas meridian. i am allergic to some stuff on it, like the boiled celery, but i need cooked soothing veg that isn't cruciferous and i can improve in spite of.


    whole amaranth sprouted 2 days then boiled as porridge for breakfast-can have boiled celery if you wish

    whole quinoa boiled as porridge + boiled fennel (fennel if you wish)


    baked butternut squash (whole or half etc wrapped in parchment paper)+ boiled celery

    baked sweet potatoe (whole wrapped in bleach free parchment paper)+ boiled fennel + coconut butter


    boiled leeks + boiled then grilled lambs liver + handfull raw sprouted mung or lentil

    boiled courgettes + liver again + handful raw sprouted mung or lentil

    i have a little difficulty with leeks to so i boil them strain and add water again and this makes them easier for me. you might want to try chicken one day instead liver both. i can improve on both and don't do well on other meats. as it's meat every day i only eat a little, never more than about 100 g. you shouldn't eat more than 100 g liver a day. also it's in order if you look. amaranth>butternut squash>leeks one day then quinoa>sweet poit>courgettes the next. this insures you get oil at least once a day, i.e. amaranth and coconut butter. no juicing, no food between meals, no treats 100% organic..i find it very tasty and not a chore at all. simple fare tastes good to a live tongue.

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