The power and pitfalls of omics part 2: epigenomics, transcriptomics and ME/CFS
Simon McGrath concludes his blog about the remarkable Prof George Davey Smith's smart ideas for understanding diseases, which may soon be applied to ME/CFS.
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Folic Acid Overdose and subsequent landslide

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by flong, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. flong


    I just made a comment in another thread...but basically I started by taking about 420mcg and having major sleep disturbances, but feeling pretty good the next day. I skipped a day, then tried it again yesterday with the exact same result last night and today.
    I'm going to be looking for a supplement with a much lower dose. Dividing a 5mg b12 losenge into 50 equal parts isn't something I'm interested in doing! I'd like to start with 100mcg maybe every few days and see how that goes at first.
    Here's the thread...

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