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fingernail changes

Discussion in 'Skeleton, Skin, Muscles, Hair, Teeth, and Nails' started by Tammie, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. blazes


    Port Aransas, Tx, USA
    My nails are extremely "ridgy." One of my thumb nails even splits all the way into my nail bed. When I am able to grow my nails out (they're usually peeling and "ridgy"), they ridges form peaks on the free edges. If I can get a good picture, I'll try to post one on here...if I can figure out how -- lol
  2. Overstressed

    Overstressed Senior Member

    Is this not what they call Raynoud's syndrome ? It's also an autoimmune disorder...

    Take care,
  3. HopingSince88

    HopingSince88 Senior Member

    Disappearing moons can be a sign of B-12 deficiency.

    When I was a child the first thing my pediatrician would do was look at my fingernails. I think that there are lots of clues there to possible issues with diseased organs as well as circulatory problems and vitamin deficiencies.
  4. Dainty

    Dainty Senior Member

    Washington State
    Raynaud's syndrome is where the extremities such as fingers and toes turn purple from lack of circulation. My sister has the condition, so I've been able to see it firsthand. The differences with my symptom is that the skin of my fingers and toes never changes color, jsut the nails, and secondly my temoperature plunges to borderline hypothermia, whereas with raynaud's syntrome as I understand it there is no change in body temperature.
  5. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Senior Member

    I only have moons on thumbs. I have small almost invisible moons on other fingers. I have major ridges on my pinky nails. Actually, when I let my nails grow, I have the nicest nails. I just don't like long nails.
  6. Resting

    Resting Senior Member

    I have Raynaud's syndrome which causes my nails to turn blue when cold (but "cold" is not really all that cold to healthy people). I was told it can be a part of ME/CFS. When my hands and feet warm up they turn a purplish red, swell, get itchy, and sting. My body temperature is always (oddly) at a low-grade fever (99-101.5 F). However, my hands and feet are at least 30 degrees less then my body temperature. I have a doctor who is obsessed with this symptom and he always measures my hand temperature which is the only reason I know about the temp. difference.

    Sorry, I know this is off topic, but I agree that people who have ME age more quickly. I started getting lots of age spots in my late 20's. They are genetic but my parents didn't get them until their late 50's. I do think our bodies are aging more quickly due to this disease. Perhaps other diseases do the same but I think, in my very non-scientific opinion, that there is a link.
  7. girlinthesnow

    girlinthesnow Senior Member

    I just have moons on thumbs too.

    On the other handsometimes I think that ME/CFS is a kind of premature aging diseaseI have several friends in their 80's who have more stamina and mental clarity than I do. 
    i agree ixchelkali, my mother-in-law is 30 years older than me, is very overweight, has hypertension and has just had a stent put in her heart and she has MUCH more energy than I have. She swims and bikes and goes on coach trips and still drinks like a fish. I was always super healthy, good food , never smoked or drank. :confused::Retro mad:

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