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Find a Methylation Practitioner

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by caledonia, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Ben Lynch has started a series of training seminars for methylation. Last October, 240 practitioners attended. There is a followup seminar coming up in March. The list below consists of people who have attended his seminar.

    Ben Lynch Practitioner List

    There is also a list of practitioners at They have a rating system in place, so presumably there is a better chance these are good practitioners. Practitioner List

    Then there is the list at which has been submitted by patients:

    Of course, you will still want to do due diligence to make sure the person you choose is going to be right for you and do a good job.
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  2. kyzcreig

    kyzcreig Senior Member

    This is great, thank you.
  3. Victronix

    Victronix Senior Member

    Yes, thanks for posting these. There have been numerous times that I end up logging onto Phoenix Rising just to look up a link I'd seen you post. Today I used one to start trying to find a new practitioner.
  4. npeden

    npeden NPeden, Monterey, CA

    Not sure now about naturopaths....I have been through two now. The first knew little about methylation and the second was one I hired who is a Bastyr graduate listed on Lynch's site and he has been less than helpful even though I have a lot to deal with.

    He was very good prescribing passion flower tincture for my MAO A; my psych was very impressed.

    But I am having my amalgams out and he is less than knowledgeable about chelation and I will be depending on the web more and using him less. I also have a new "functional med" MD who takes my insurance now and I am talking on the phone tomorrow with a nutritionist who like me is c677t for MTHFR. (But I bet she doesn't have the mental mutations I have...)

    I was trained to the phd level in a philosophy that believes we co create reality so I like have a doc to turn to only I want one who is a) knowledgeable and 2) covered by insurance. With naturopath's that's hard to find.

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