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Feels like a hypoglycemic attack but no diabetes or low blood sugar.

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by maryb, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. OkRadLakPok

    OkRadLakPok Senior Member

    I have similar, but maybe a bit different. For me, my hands and limbs start to tingle and it FEELS like I am about to have anaphylaxis, and then thank God, I don't. I have had episodes in past and they were awful. they only stopped when I stopped eating the rice because I was being poisoned with arsenic.

    Lately it's happening again and other, gastritis etc. I am so tired and so scared. My life has been turned upside down because of these metals.
  2. leela

    leela Slow But Hopeful

    Couchland, USA
    I have had what I thought was hypoglycemia for years--since long before ME Dx. And fasting blood never shows low glucose.

    Thing is I have always felt *averse* to eating sugary or sweet things during those attacks. I used to find relief from eating
    savory carbs& protein. But lately, now that I'm more MCAS/heat intolerant/POTSy, I get attacks that feel just like that, only eating doesn't help at all, and sometimes eating *causes* it. Recent research led me to
    Post Prandial Adrenergic Syndrome

    This seems to make a lot more sense, at least in my case. Since I often get these "hypoglycemia" feelings after an exposure, or too much of some detoxy supplement, I think there is an autonomic cascade in reaction to whatever the perceived toxic exposure is, be it mold, perfume, pollution, or food. It's possiblt the liver gets the message that it is having toxic overload, and the glucorization (I always get those words wrong) gets messed up, as well as the signals for the adrenals.

    Food for thought, anyway, so to speak.
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  3. AndyPandy

    AndyPandy Making the most of it

    I am on medication to control diabetes. I am a skinny type 2 and need to eat every two hours. Sometimes I feel like I am having a hypo, but when I test, my BGLs are not low. I haven't yet detected a cause or pattern leading to this and just put this down to my ever expanding collection of ME/CFS associated symptoms.
  4. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    I'd totally forgotten about this thread. Duh! Lol.

    I'm still amazed at how glucose tablets are reviving me when I'm feeling exhausted.
    I don't react as well to amything that needs to be digested.

    I switched to cvs dye free glucose and feel best from those.

    Heading back to sleep.

    Tc ... x

    Ps. Fwiw taking a Himalayan liver care if i wake up too soon puts me back to sleep.
  5. Vegas

    Vegas Senior Member

    Back in 2009 when my energy metabolism crashed thanks to a ultra-low carb diet, and, in retrospect, the removal of a fermentable substrate for what was in my lower GIT, I only wish I had understood the importance of the intestinal microflora and their production of short chain fatty acids in stabilizing these symptoms that people refer to as "blood sugar" symptoms . Of course conventional medical advice was to lower carbohydrate consumption to treat hypoglycemia, which exacerbated the problem. The minimal quantity of carbs I was eating was not sufficient to "feed" those saccharolytic organisms that are absolutely essential to wellness, particularly in maintaining energy metabolism. While there is likely to be a period of volatility, I think many would benefit from trialing some resistant starch and where necessary add those organisms, chiefly bifidobacteria, that will participate in the process of biosynthesizing SCFA.

    When my b/s symptoms became so volatile, I only recorded a low of about 60 on the glucometer, but I had violent tremors, stuttered, and lost control of breathing, the sweating, hunger, and nausea was just the low level stuff. I can sympathize, this can be debilitating, in itself.
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