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The Fable known as The PACE Trial
Graham, Janelle and Bob, have once again excelled themselves with their latest take on the 'poisoned apple' that was the PACE Trial...
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Expert Answers from the Times

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by George, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. George

    George Guest

    This was just posted on the times. It's not a very good Q & A but it's a few more bits of the puzzle.


    Here are some excerpts from the Q. and A.

  2. shrewsbury

    shrewsbury member

    hiya George

    Love it - the NYTImes is on top of this story! Best coverage world-wide I'd say.

    I added this to the media - no discussion thread as well so it's there for the record.

    Here's another excerpt from the Q. and A. that I thought was well done:

    I can imagine myself doing that dance where the fists float around in circles one way and the hips rotate the other while I sing "go Nancy, go Nancy"

  3. Jerry S

    Jerry S Senior Member

    Thanks, George!

    I'm a regular NY Times reader and missed this. It's great to see Dr. Klimas answering readers' questions.

    If you go to the online non-pagemode version of Consults, comments can be left.
  4. George

    George Guest

    Cooooool I'm going back for comments! Thanks

    Like Koan said in another post we are getting some serious press these days. Makes me want to think about the happy dance. ;)

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