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European Research Association for Somatisation and Medically Unexplained Symptoms (EURASMUS)

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Dolphin, May 5, 2016.

  1. Dolphin

    Dolphin Senior Member

    I was told about this group today:

    Quite a few of the names are familiar from CFS research
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  2. duncan

    duncan Senior Member

    Hooded robes and chanting optional.
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  3. Denise

    Denise Senior Member

    The composition of this group is more than enough to cause nightmares....
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  4. Woolie

    Woolie Senior Member

    They make no secret of their real views!

    It reads like a line-up of the worst suspects.

    Sad that these people are getting more support. But Europe has to be seen to be dealing with these problems, and to outsiders, it appears that these guys are the "experts".
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  5. World Acknowledged Numbnuts Kooks Enervating Raving Smegheads

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  6. of course they are getting more support, because the swings and roundabouts of the Human Reality have revived an evil that should have died long ago
    same crap, slightly different football strip, that's all



    lead to stuff I won't post pics off

    which lead to this


    which was part of the actual biggest threat to Democracy: the proverbial but factual Military/Industrial and also Banking complex
    and so the same old evil got "acceptable" again to people who have no concern for "little people"...
  7. chipmunk1

    chipmunk1 Senior Member

    These are fairly unspecific, not uncommon and not only seen in "psychiatric" disorders.

    The last two are completely useless.

    This is what about 99% of people with a chronic illness do.

    And these are the symptoms of a psychosomatic condition? At least 2/3 of the symptoms would suggest a psychiatric condition, Depression for example.

    So if I have these and I worry about my symptoms, I must have somatization disorder right?

    Maybe but these are also the symptoms of Diabetes.

    Fatigue can occur in so many medical conditions....
  8. Skippa

    Skippa Senior Member

    It (this all too frequent position) is exactly the opposite of good science.

    They start by assuming their hypothesis to be fact, and then attempt to "explain" it.

    (as opposed to proposing a hypothesis and then attempting to prove/disprove it).

    "They" so often reverse engineer their square pegs to fit round holes.
  9. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay Senior Member

    Adelaide, Australia
    The gravy train continues.
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  10. chipmunk1

    chipmunk1 Senior Member

    In some way somatization is the eugenics of the healthcare system. You sacrifice the useless eater patients to have more resources for the "deserving sick". Of course all for the greater good.
  11. Justin30

    Justin30 Senior Member

    Was this just recently organized?
  12. msf

    msf Senior Member

    I think the ERASMUS students in my neighbourhood have a better chance of getting to the bottom of ME than this lot. I mean, they are starting from a higher base: complete ignorance, rather than complete ignorance and nonsensical prejudice.
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  13. A.B.

    A.B. Senior Member

    Why do these people keep talking about unexplained symptoms when they are deeply convinced to already have an universal explanation for everything unexplained.
  14. Deepwater

    Deepwater Senior Member

    Indeed, working in reverse seems to be the essence of their religion. They regularly confuse cause and effect (e.g. we are clapped out because we don't exercise rather than we don't exercise because we are clapped out; we have nasty symptoms because we worry about being ill rather than we worry about being ill because we have nasty symptoms ...).
    Perhaps they also wear their coats inside out as a secret sign to fellow believers.
    Is there actually an illness that doesn't make people fatigued? Not many, I should have thought.
    Don't know what Erasmus would make of their bad spelling either.
  15. exactly
    it's a way of "categorizing", or rather legitimizing the abuse and demonizing, of one group, to improve the ego of one group and also, steal the resources of the victims
    hence, old evil, redone time and time again through history, just getting more and more "polished" as it goes on
    made to look "official", acceptable, "the men in the white coats say they deserve it!" rather than the priests, tyrants or whatever
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  16. Aye!
    I posted the image of the phrenologist at work quite deliberately
    SAME arrogant, stupid, wasteful bullshit

    REAL science knows absolutely NOTHING is "certain", not one thing
    everything has to be constantly re-evaluated every time any evidence comes along that touches on it
    but many aren't scientific no matter what they say, they want and must have certainty, all they really are, is blind priests of the mad go of Ego.
    They will force reality to fit THEIR demands! and in the process, bugger things, and people, right up.
    and a few are just outright criminals, using the "dubiousness" of Medical world to manipulate things for those who will pay them to do so
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  17. MEisnotMUPS


    People if you can, please consider signing this petition. It is so important.
    MUPS or MUS is becoming the next big thing with respect to ME or CFS. It will affect all of us. Eventhough there is no evidence base for the biopsychosocial model, nor the treatments MUPS "experts" actively promote, CBT!

    Yesterday we found out that 2 members of the Dutch Health Council committee, with task to write advisory report on ME to parliament (in total almost HALF of the committee consists of MUPS experts) not only wrote articles with White and/or Wessely, we knew that, but they are in EURASMUS
    So, Judith Rosmalen and Hans Knoop (2 members of the Health council) are direct colleagues with White + Per Fink (yes, the one from Karina!)

    In the Netherlands there is a 1.5 million Euro project funded by health insurers to get ME (MUPS professionals, see ME and CFS as MUPS) patients referred to mental health clinics for CBT. these 2 members of the committee are involved in this project also.

    Please if you can help, help and sign the petition. If you can ask others to sign and share this, please do. Dutch patients can really use all the help we can get. The biopsychosocial model does not apply to ME, CBT is no cure !

    This MUS "diagnosis" is not just what is happening in the Netherlands, Its the old school Wessely FSS influence. See also twitter hashtag MUS2016, conference in UK yesterday......

    please help
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  18. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Perhaps they secretly want to wear their underwear on the outside because they think they are superheroes. Its the black hats that give them away.
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  19. u&iraok

    u&iraok Senior Member

    The research focuses on several biological and psychological processes that occur across all types of bodily distress, e.g.:
    - heightened sensitivity to pain
    - tendency to experience and worry about numerous bodily symptoms
    - marked fatigue
    - tendency to experience anger when presented with the research

    I added the last one, they might as well!

    "tendency to experience and worry about numerous bodily symptoms" - only healthy people say things like this. It's due to lack of empathy which they can't have because they don't know what sickness is.

    But if they possessed compassion and humility they could apply sympathy and suspension of disbelief.
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  20. they have a lack of empathy because some are sociopaths and others are just plain, willingly, cold-bloodedly evil who CHOSE to not empathize with the sick and injured, but play act if necessary to maintain the charade that they are "healers".
    They get a kick out of being in charge, in control, which is THE big thing for evil people, sometimes they don't start out evil but the need for control becomes a lust for them and consumes them

    A farmer may raise cattle for slaughter and thus cannot get too emotionally close with them, but he is not hypocritical, he is not wicked and most will care for their animals well being, if only from the necessity of financial support of the farmer's life.

    But a farmer who deliberately confuses, upsets, mistreats, prevents treatment of some hurts and ills, and treats his animals with contempt, is not a "farmer" at all but a sick or evil son of a b*tch.
    His farm can only continue provided his rich family or desperate hungry people can offset the cost of his bad practices.
    Cut off the bastard's funding, and he goes out of business and his animals spared further abuse.
    Arrest him for animal cruelty if possible.
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