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Ethanol is helping methylation??

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Pea, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Pea

    Pea Senior Member

    I thought I was imagining things, but I have noticed that when my friend who is going through methylation for motor neuron disease has a beer, his slurred speech and hoarseness (worse symptoms) seem to clear up for a several words. This has happened 3x. I'm telling him not to drink beer so we can clear out the toxins so he's had few, but maybe we need to rethink this ?

    What would this point to as far as what is blocking his methylation, supplements that he may need?? He is on MethylB12 and AdB12 (no Hydroxy). Many improvements throughout the body & mind with no start-up or detox symptoms.

    I was reading other threads about OHCbl and how alcohol inhibits Methionine synthase, but we're having an opposite affect here.. It has to be related somehow, but too complex for me. Something about the brain & the liver.

    He doesn't get hangovers. Also when he started getting sick, he suddenly had a big intolerance for alcohol, but that has subsided since the B12 methylation.

    Any insights??
  2. aprilk1869

    aprilk1869 Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    Beer is supposed to be a good source of folate.
  3. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Pea,

    I had a step grandfather who died of ALS. He was diagnosed very early, 1942, when he went for a draft physical. The old German family cook cooked up her special recipe fo a concentrated liver soup every day for the rest of his life until he ended up in a nursing home because my grandmother was dying of lung cancer. He died in 1972. It progresssed far more slowly than anybody expected. From the studies done in ALS there is a CNS/CSF deficiency of both mb12 and adb12 with elevated MMA and Hcy in the CSF. Going on that aspect I would suggest CSF/CNS penetrating doses of both. In addition l-carnitine fumarate is also implicated in neurological and muscular healing. Omega3 oils and of course Metafolin and all basics wiuld probably be dsireable. The Japanese high dose mb12 studies found symptomatiic relief in ALS and MS with 50mg/day mnb12 doses. They didn't find any lasting healing but the studies only went on for a few months. Healing if it is going to happen takes longer. He had normal response to alcohol.
  4. Pea

    Pea Senior Member

    It's just seems to have happened each time to be only a coincidence. I was hoping to find a methylation breakthrough since we see the evil neuro today, and I wanted to give D some hope with what we're doing. He is on the MB12 and Adb12 with metafolin and basic cofactors. [Wasted time with that nutritionist and way too much folic acid and no fish oils.]

    50mg? Wow. Neuro tested B12 & folate blood level last week but it didn't say "panel" so I fear it's just going to show elevated blood levels. I hope neuro doesn't pay attention to this - fear he'll say don't take so much B12... Were waiting to receive results of the various blood tests from last Friday (requested from Records), but we didn't get them yet. I wanted to have them before we went to understand all the results, and see if anything popped out, i.e. Lyme disease, I don't trust this dr. to care what is causing this, he just wants to make a diagnosis.

    I'm convinced he's always had low stomach acid which was the reason for malapsorption all these years and broken legs and suspected low B12 & other levels. April, I think he's getting enough folate with the supplements, but maybe that one beer is somehow getting in more quickly??

    Many many things are getting better, and slurring/hoarseness are not getting worse. Dr. said it's a "partial form of ALS"

    What do you mean "penetrating" doses? Like large mg. doses, or injections?

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