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EFT Therapy: Pro or Con?

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by dannybex, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Wildcat

    Wildcat Senior Member

    An interesting thread about EFT and CFS:

    Amongst other things it says that people who posted comments critical of some EFT Practitioners claims that EFT can cure ME/CFS have been blocked from posting further Comments on some EFT promotional youtube videos.

    EFT Practitioner Karin Davidson (early founder of AAMET) on Youtube on EFT for CFS:

    “I wonder what would happen if it (CFS) was a lesson?”

    “What if its not my enemy but it’s a war and the war’s in me?”

    “Even if its teaching me a lesson its not my friend”

    EFT Tapping - Tap Along for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - M.E.- using Emotional Freedom Technique
    Karin Davidson Youtube:

    “Chronic fatigue syndrome…. Not my enemy – what is it…. Close your eyes – open your eyes.. look right, look left – do the roundy thing, the roundy thing….. Sc** this ....... Some people say that you put yourself in a situation to learn something…. and if that's the case….. I want to learn the lesson now…. I’m open to leaning te Fr****** lesson…..I’m open to learning the Fr****** lesson already because I’m TIRED of it”
  2. salome


    EFT & moi - pro comments

    i've had cfids for over 10 years with many accompanying and ongoing symptoms. became aware of EFT in 2009. downloaded free manual and started tapping. had two sessions with practitioner. bought Gary Craig's EFT course (hours and hours of videos).

    i get amazing immediate results when working on specific physical symptoms. following valcyte anti-viral treatment (for over 5 mo's) i developed chronic pain up the back of my neck and into my head. EFT over period of time got rid of that.

    cfids is a huge global situation it seems to me. i am working away at it. i keep finding information from various sources that gives me ideas on how to apply EFT for my particular case. seems as though our energy pathways (this is MY take on it) get rerouted during difficult, traumatic times- then we become susceptible to this, that or the other malady. a physical manifestation of sub-optimal energy pathways then occurs.

    when i use EFT i can FEEL energy shifts going on. i find metaphors or images from other people's work with EFT that ring a bell for me and i incorporate into my practice. i think the important part aside from working on specific physical problems, is to get closer and closer to my inmost, core set up--what constitutes MY interface with the world. come to understand it and find ways unique for me to work on it. goal is to optimize flow of energies- get rid of blocks; that 'Z-z-z-z-t' in the system Gary Craig talks about (he's a genius- it's great watching him work with people using EFT)

    it's amazing how you can feel it when energy shift happens. i've made headway. i keep studying it and working with it, and keep finding relief, and am certain i am making progress.

    the watchword from EFT sources is - try it on anything. and- persistence persistence persistence.

    it is a great comfort for me to have this tool. part of cfids has been feeling so helpless and hopeless.

    in the meantime, i'm also interested and invested in finding out about XMRV. i'm being tested for it and other pathogens later this month. sascha

  3. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    I have not really tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) myself, but couldn't stop myself from wondering HOW it might work. Recently, I came across an article about a trigeminal nerve stimulation, which apparently is a powerful means to alleviate depression. The article said that by stimulating the trigeminal nerve (the 5th cranial nerve), it is possible to "send signals to key structures deep in the brain", which can alleviate even major depression.

    Now, it just so happens that the trigeminal nerve runs to areas and muscles in the face (see the image here), and furthermore, these areas this nerve runs to are more or less exactly the places where you apply the light EFT finger tapping on your face, when performing the Emotional Freedom Technique.

    So, could it be that the Emotional Freedom Technique works simply by stimulating the trigeminal nerve on your face, such that this nerve then signals and activates key structures deep in your brain, to help you overcome conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias, etc?

    This connection between the Emotional Freedom Technique and the trigeminal nerve is just pure speculation, but it does seem vaguely plausible, and if there is some truth in it, this might put the Emotional Freedom Technique on a firmer footing, scientifically.

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