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Effects From Surgery

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Frank22, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Frank22


    Hello all,

    I first want to say thank you to the community here for all the information and ideas on how to deal with CFS. I am new to this situation (suffering for about a year now) and have been reading this board constantly since my diagnosis. So just wanted to say thank you to the participants of this online community.

    I've been told I need to have surgery as my LES has stopped working and I need the nissen fundoplication surgery.

    My question to the community is: have you had surgery and how did it effect your CFS?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    Stay strong everyone!
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  2. Plum

    Plum Senior Member

    @Frank22 - sorry to hear you have to have surgery.

    I have had 2 surgeries since having ME. I did well immediately after. No nasty affects to the drugs or the surgeries themselves - both were on my wrist. However, the recovery meant a long time in bed. My POTS got worse and my ME has been worse. I think my last surgery was 3 years ago. I was probably around 40% functioning before surgery. Now, a good day is 30%. I've improved my POTS since being able to not spend all day in bed.
    I had no real choice with my surgeries - if I wanted the problem fixed, I needed to have them. So I don't regret having them.
    1 thing I do wish I hadn't done: the last check up I had, I was made to wait an hour and a half for a 2min check over. It was pointless. I was in agony in the waiting room, from sitting in a very uncomfortable chair. I wish after 30 mins I had gotten up and left. Rescheduled or just not bothered. That appointment seriously set me back. It was the final straw.
  3. belize44

    belize44 Senior Member

    I had wrist surgery too, and had the exact same experience when I showed up for my follow up appointment. The long wait just for a brief check up on the wrist was not worth what it cost in PEM and pain.

    Having said that, I have never had a problem with anesthesia or any other aspect of surgery. For which I am truly grateful!
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  4. *GG*

    *GG* Senior Member

    Concord, NH
    What is LES?

  5. Frank22


    Thanks for the reply's everyone!

    My lower esophageal sphincter does not have the strength to close anymore causing sever GERD. I have read that some with ME/CFS don't respond well to surgery so wanted the forums experiences...

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