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Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by David, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. David


    EECP Treatment

    My daughter who is now 15 years of age and has been a sufferer of CFS for the last five years. She has been doing a therapy called EECP for the last 6 months while under the care of Dr. Derek Enlander of NYC. She started doing 25 minutes with the machine and recently is up to 45 minutes. It could even be longer but she does not want to miss school. Wow what difference.

    EECP treatment was developed for heart patients who were unable to perform the rigors of exercise.

    Since she has started her treatment, her stamina, her concentration her grades have jumped exponentially. Her headaches and aches and pain have diminished to where she can go a full day of school and not have one sick day in nearly 2 months of school as well as carrying an A average at academic high school, something she has not done since coming down with this dreaded disease.

    Since she has started with Dr. Enlander I noticed small incremental improvements, but with the EECP the difference is night and day.

    It is not a cure, but it something that patients may want to look into, for her its been a godsend.
  2. jewel

    jewel Senior Member

    Thanks for this information, David. I hope your daughter continues to do well. The high school years are challenging enough without adding the burden of a poorly understood chronic illness to the mix. J.

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