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Easy meals for my family

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Jemima37, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Jemima37

    Jemima37 Senior Member

    I'm floored at the moment with cfs and high anxiety. If I overdo things it triggers panic attacks and I've been resting alot the last 2 weeks as a result. I'm feeling full of guilt because I've not been able to cook a meal for my husband and children. They'e managing with easy meals in the fridge or hubby makes a huge pot of soup but with a fussy eater that doesn't always work.

    I'm feeling full of guilt I've no energy or stamina to cook right now. The children are OK but my daughter is fed up of simple meals or takeaways.

    Can anyone suggest some simple meal ideas for my family that take very little prep or they can do themselves? I'm hating the guilt I'm placing on myself.. Last year in my worst cfs I forced myself daily to cook and made myself more ill. I' ttrying to listen to my body right now. It's very over stressrd and needs rest not more anxiety attacks. Cooling is too overwhelming and triggers my anxiety attacks which then floor me with fatigue even more.

    Any tips appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. TenuousGrip

    TenuousGrip Senior Member

  3. Jemima37

    Jemima37 Senior Member

    Thank you so much x
  4. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    Hi Jem, due to worsening symptoms ive also become unable to cook for my family at all. Its hard for my husband, because he works all day, takes the kids to appointments etc, walks the dog, does housework etc and then has to cook. I also have to have a separate meal as ive got full on MCAS food reactions going on.

    These are a couple of things we do if hes working away:

    Jars of pasta sauce and frozen garlic bread.

    Then they cook the past, throw some Broccoli in as its cooking, fry some Quorn pieces and chuck in with the sauce. GB in the oven in five minutes - grate some cheese. very easy, not bad for you and quick.

    Burgers. buy frozen veggie burgers and wholemeal buns

    get kids to make potato wedges (peel a few potatoes, cut into quarters, sprinkle with flour, add to hot oil in pan in oven bake for 30 ish minutes.
    serve the burgers in buns with wedges and tinned baked beans or some salad.

    when cooking soup or chilli or curry make twice the amount, freeze one lot and then there are meals in the freezer that can be added to rice or pasta etc.

    wraps: left over chilli (see above note), lettuce, cucumber, creme fraiche or similar, avocado. Every thing goes on the table and people help themselves to build their own wraps. (a t towel is handy as these are messy to eat)

    Baked potatoes - bake a few big potatoes. heat up a tin of baked beans, grate some cheese, mix some tuna mayo, sling a few lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber etc into a quick salad, tinned sweetcorn in a bowl. put all on table and everyone builds their own spuds. This is my favourite meal and takes like 10-15 mins to prepare,(COOKING TIME APPROX 1 HOUR) is healthy and yummy (i miss this so much!)

    How old are your kids? can they do meal prep?

    I see you are in UK so we also do:

    buy chips from chip shop.
    at home cook some veggie sausages in oven, cook peas and fried eggs, lay table. wait for chips to arrive. quick, easy and delicious.
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  5. manasi12


    Can u try any b blockers and anxiolytics for physical issues with doctors approval ? It makes things easier.
  6. Gingergrrl

    Gingergrrl Senior Member

    This is a standard meal that my (step) daughter and make together when we need something fast and simple:

    Gluten free toast

    2-3 kinds of hummus (regular, garlic, sun-dried tomato basil, and red pepper are some we like)

    Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes

    We make sandwiches with this and sometimes have gluten free pretzels to dip in the different hummus plus drinks like flavored sparkling water.

    Not fancy but we like it and never get sick of it :thumbsup:
  7. Ravn

    Ravn Senior Member

    Can you buy washed and pre-chopped vegetables? Then a few ready-to-use spice mixes.
    Buy lots - and I mean really lots - of the veges (or get a volunteer, family or friend to do the prep) and drop them in a huge roasting dish. Add spices, oil, salt & pepper and roast. Then freeze the excess.
    Or do the same in a slow cooker.
    Varying the spices means you don't get sick of essentially eating he same meal all the time.
    To serve, add some canned pulses or eggs or whatever protein your family prefers (let them add it).
    I don't know about your fussy eater but sometimes allowing food to be drowned in ketchup helps :eek: Other times having the fusspot help decide on and prepare the meal helps.
    Oh. and drop the guilt. Easier said than done, I know. But if the roles were reversed, you would look after your husband and you would not expect him, or want him to, feel guilty. Grateful, yes, but not guilty. So say thanks to him, and also to the kids whenever they help and see if you can't get some extra outside help somehow. Often people would love to help but don't know how. So give them a few of your favourite recipes ;)

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