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Earthing....Your experience....

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Abha, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. CozzyElectron


    By the way, if anyone is interested, I created some earthing shoes out of an old pair I had lying around, some copper wire, and some foil duct tape.

    If you are at all interested in getting grounded for zero dollars (price is right) while out in the big wide world, check out my DIY Earthing Shoes Tutorial
    (how I made my earthing shoes)

    That post I made about the earthing shoes is actually on a new earthing forum I created.

    At this time, I make absolutely no money from it (maybe one day I'll have a little income just to keep it running as I assume there are costs associated with running a bustling forum... hosting, moderation, etc.)...

    ...the whole purpose, though, is to bring the conversation about earthing some focus in one place.

    Personally, I had some issues when I first started to ground myself and I wanted to find a place where I could connect with others and discuss my issues in an open forum and also see what others were experiencing.

    The issue was, I was using the electrical ground in my house. But I found some peace when I chucked my own ground rod into the earth under a cedar tree behind my house. I wrote a whole post about it on the forum. I explained how I tested my domestic grounding rod and found 244mV on it! Not safe! I explain how I found a safe ground to connect to, etc...

    Originally, I was looking for an earthing forum and that's how i found this exact thread on this very forum!

    But there was no "Earthing Forum" where people were discussing earthing under one roof.

    So I decided to make one on my own. I've never made a forum before so this is all very new. It would be AWESOME to have anyone interested in earthing or interested in learning about earthing and continuing the discussion, to come and join this budding community:

    It's exciting because at the moment, there are just 6 members and it used to be just me a few days ago!

    And this is all without getting any google rankings for the search term: "earthing forum".

    Imagine when the forum starts getting traction in the search engines! It will be a busy community!

    So, it would be lovely to see you there at the earthing forum as one of only a few original members ...for the moment!

    Earthing, I think, is going to be a growing movement! Join me :)
    (there you can see a picture of me giving the THUMBS UP!)

    Stay Grounded Everybody!
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  2. Womble

    Womble Senior Member

    I ordered a grounding cord that has a metal alligator clip on the other end.

    Apparently it can be hooked up to "anything that is conductive", but I would like some advice.

    What should I clip it to for the best results?

    Will too much metal contacting my skin be too reactive, is there a preferred method for doing this?

  3. Prema


    I tried to sleep on two different kind of earthing sheets so far, doing the earthing via plug socket or via the heating system.
    I have got chronic lyme in the central nerve system. Therefore I am sensitive with EMF (probably injured myelin-sheath). I felt worse on the earthing sheet. I felt dizzy in an unknown way (after having continued to sleep on the sheet over a week, the dizzyness lasted over the whole day). And my brainnerves seemed to pulsate sometimes. I am weaking up with a biting or burning headache. (The sensation reminds me on the feeling after having taken too much concentrated cilantro for detox on an inapropriate time).

    Is there I device with which I can find out whether the house-grounding has dirty electricity? There is no technician specialised on EMF in my small town.
    Can somebody help me here? :confused: Greetings from Prema
  4. sphynx on roundabouts

    sphynx on roundabouts

    Hi Prema,
    There are some products on this page that you might be interested in:

    It sounds like you are very well earthed but that you are introducing it much too fast for your body. I had the same kind of bad symptoms when I tried to use earthing too much adn too fast in the beginning. You need to slow down. Only use the earthing for short periods in the day. Gradually increase only when you feel comfortable with no increase of symptoms. It took me a long time before I could sleep on the sheets all night but it was worth it as I get great support in reduction of brain symptoms from using it.
    Be patient and good luck!
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  5. manna

    manna Senior Member

    i'll share this here at its on topic and i was looking for an outlet for this little trick i think ive found. i have more experience with grounding that i might share later. but for the tour de france some riders do use grounding...theres a youtube vid i think.. they also use point specific grounding, where a small patch, that is grounded into the earth using the usual metal rod, is applied to an injury to remove inflammation (supposedly positive charge) and so heal much quicker.

    i accidentally fell asleep with the small piece of wire tucked in my boxers which was resting/touching on the top part of my right buttock. the wire goes out my window to a tent peg in the ground....its really great to hold for a few minutes here and there when stressed out as it just seems to remove any antagonistic energy. anyway, after sleeping with it like that, my bowel emptied a fair bit of what i can only say was stuff that was much better out than in. the point i treated was exactly opposite the lower right part of the abdomen (on the front). this is usually problematic area wheres theres any digestive upset. the ileocecal valve is said to remain open in mecfs allowing food to back out of the colon into the terminal ileum (which is the bit they resect in crohns).

    i did it a couple of nights and it continued to clean me out. i did go one more night and that may have been too much. i was certainly quite emotional the next day but its possible that was a healing curve. it could of been very helpfull though, just a powerfull healing. it seems to have made a biggish difference to my mcs. im guessing that the toxic waste that was being held down there was probably affecting my whole body to a fair degree. its possible that many supplements are inadvertently trying to deal with that in some way. it would be good if someone else would try it. for me what was sitting in my large intestine was certainly causing ALOT of problems that i was unaware of the causes. makes my lungs feel clean and breatheasy too but then i knew from chinese medicine that they are connected to the colon so wasn't surprised.

    should help with constipation and its possible your bowel may jump to life following it. flower essences the next day seem to support it too. please try it. its one of a few very simple things that have made big differences for me. free too. it has shopwn me that that area on my body, which i could feel as a dull ache in my right side pelvis, struggles a fair bit and loved the energy boost. all disclaimered and if you're on medication then caution advised and check with doctor etc.
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  6. manna

    manna Senior Member

    I've never tried grounding with a bed mat and im not sure i want to really. ive slept with wires attached to my feet to see what it would do. the affect is noticeable but i couldn't decide if it was healthy so stopped. it certainly gives you some energy. in my opinion, you not only earth positive inflamation charge but also recieve some form of earth energy. id bet that if you had 4 earthing rods a few yards apart going to one wire attached to you, the affect would be stronger than 1 rod. even more if you used 4 metal pyramids...possibly much too much. chi travels easily through copper wires. i think you could even run a wire from a tree to yourself with benefit. all conjecture and personal experience.

    since moving to a natural, metal free, mattress and natural bedding, i sleep much better. mercola did an article on mattresses and it showed that with a natural wool mattress your resting heartbeat could be up to, i think, can't remeber exactly, 10 plus heart beats a minute less, whilst sleeping. just cotton covers makes a big difference but if the duvet and mattress are natural too, its noticeable again. i think thats the most i can do to my sleeping environment so earthing should be less necessary. ive heard some folk turn the electric off at night (freezer wil be ok till morn), and claim a deeper nights sleep. worth a try as long as you're not on a heart monitor etc. i don't know how anyone sleeps in the staticcy polyester bedding, even poly mix, just feel so ccharged up in it.

    certainly i got a headache from grounding indoors through the plug earth and have heard others get the same. i also got the shooting energy feeling like electrons or something but that went when i started using a wire to my own direct grounding rod. even then/now, its used only for specific purposes and never constantly. thats not to say its not good for some folk though. there was an excellent post on here a few years ago, by an electrician by the sound of it, that went in current phases and how electrons via nherz are shunted forward and backward 70-80 cycles a second and that this transmits like a signal to other wires near it. this still happens, and is measurable supposedly, even if you don't use your plug earth and go out the window, but much better.

    when i lived in a caravan it was the healthiest ive ever been. when mcs was on tv, i posted the vid here i think, one man in there claimed recovery from living in tent. i wish i had a bigger, more private garden. i would most definitely build myself a little wooden hut, no concrete etc, and spend my relaxibg times and sleep in there.

    i think heres more to lying on the ground than meets the eye. if you lay on concrete, even though you'll still "earth" you won't feel anywhere near as good as if you laid on the earth. the earth is teaming with life including colloidal soil particles. these colloids, from the digestion of soil by worms in one instance, are powerfull antennaes of, what i would, bio magnetic life force. colloids are tiny and their huge number amplifies there affects over just soil particles. when you lie down your aura is "combed" by these colloids and cleansed. this will happen even if you're lying on a plastic tent floor. slightly less but still very soothing.

    CAUTION: then theres this german study paper that indicates how in some instances earthing can increase field exposure Dritter/Grounding_pads_and_sheets.pdf you should read this if you're grounding/earthing. for using pc's i use old ps2 mechanical ball mouse (infra red ones mess me up quickly) and ps2 keyboard. much lower emf's and lower currents. pc is in the other room too and i have extension leads. this way i don't need to earth whilst using the pc. if you earth your feet whilst using the pc then essentially you have current running through you constantl. better to earth your hand or the keyboard, even then id rather not but i might be wrong. grounding can be very helpfull. using it to cleanse my colon, like i mentioned in the previous post, could not be achieved in such a manner using any other method.
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  7. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    I bought earthing sheet and mats for use at computer a year ago. A few months ago when immersed in intense detox, I slept on a sheepskin instead of grounding sheet. Asked my body via self-testing about this experience. The response was that the sheepskin was as good as sleeping on the grounding sheet. I then tried the same w/ a worn woolen mattress cover that I had. Same positive response. :)

    I've checked this w/ my body over and over, always get a + response. So I'm now sleeping on these old mattress covers. Easily found cheaply in 2nd hand shops. Seems there's a difference between those covers w/ a fused backing and those that are stitched. I don't get the same + response to the fused backings. Nor to woolen blankets.
  8. manna

    manna Senior Member

    This guy is cool. Has mecfs too i believe. He also said he's muscle tested himself for sleeping grounded and, supposedly, his body said more than 4 hours a night was too much.

    theres a part 2 as well. not that i agree with the methods he uses but i might be wrong.. they're the general techniques but with the paper i posted previously, some of these techniques can increase exposure. i use it for short periods of specific healing and when i need to discharge my emotions and head a little. 5 mins before sleep for instance, can make it easier to go off.
  9. Hanna

    Hanna Senior Member

    Jerusalem, Israel
    I suffer from bad EMF hypersensibility. My experience is that grounding myself naturally (bare foot on earth) is the only way I found that brings me some relief.
    On the contrary, grounding pads were not effective, and "Setzerizers" (that you plug in to eliminate electro-smog") were unbearable.

    I don't have some scientific background, just experimented products in order to feel better. After having reported results to some "experts" in the field, I was told that using grounding devices (mattress, pads, etc) may be tricky. You have to be sure that your flat is grounded properly, and moreover that the environnement (ground itself) is relatively clean. In an urban one, the result may be very counterproductive.
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  10. manna

    manna Senior Member

    this is interesting. im not saying its a good idea but as an adjunct to general earthing theory.

    of course silk doesn't conduct electricity so one might wonder how this works. he claims wool works too so im guessing we're talking chi as opposed to electricity. i bought some cheap silk off ebay and tried it out. i don't use it and couldn't tell but my mother and son reported an affect.

    ultimately i only use unnatural grounding for a few minutes at a time or overnight, point specific, to empty the bowel.
  11. student

    student Senior Member

    What do y know of these M. Doepp exercises

    I am just starting on them. They say it deswitches my EMF sensitivities – in high procentages...
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