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Eagles Syndrome, how is this possible? Also possible reason for CFS sore throats

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by crmfghtr, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. crmfghtr


    I have had a lump doctors thought was a cyst in the back of my throat for many years. It started getting painful lately. They finally did a CT scan and said I have a rare disorder called Eagles Syndrome. So rare that you have a zero percent chance of having it. To be precise 0.16 percent chance. It can cause migraines, tinnitus and a few other problems. All of which I have.

    Now here is the thing, percent chance of having cfs is 2.5 percent, doing the math percent chance of having both of these is 0.0033 percent! My contention is they must be related.

    Have any of you a sore spot or something in back of your throat? FYI you do not have to have a visible piece of bone sticking into your throat like I have to have an elongated styloid, mine has just grown so huge it fractured.

    They tell me its unlikely its the cause of my fatigue symptoms but will not say impossible. The problem is surgery for this is risky and damage to carotid artery and facial muscles happens. They highly advise against surgery if pain is tolerable. Well for last month pain is gone.

    As to what Eagles is, it's an elongated styloid, a piece of bone from your skull that can do carotid and neural pressure. Although I am a man it is more common in women. Something else it shares with CFS. This could be of great scientific importance if my theory is right, at least in some cases. It also causes sinus problems etc in some instances.
  2. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    Thanks for posting that Crmfghtr, I've never heard of this syndrome. Really glad that they found what was causing your symptoms. Hope that the pain stays away but what to do about your other symptoms? Really interesting and would like to know more if you find out.

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