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Dysautonomia, dehydration and insulin.

Discussion in 'Autonomic, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory' started by sillysocks84, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. sillysocks84

    sillysocks84 Senior Member

    I was hoping I could get some opinions/advice. Honestly i do not know where to put this, it does deal with dysautonomia, so...

    Today I am dehydrated, I may have drank a tad less yesterday. When I pinch my skin on the back of my hands it takes it a while to go back down. Also weird is when I push on my skin it takes it maybe 2 or 3 seconds to go back from white to reddish/color. I am just coming off a menstrual cycle. I was wondering if my dehydration is from my pots. If so, could it be helped with metformin? I had been prescribed this because i also have pcos from insulin issues, although I never filled the prescription. I don't like meds and how my body could react.

    But now I am thinking what if I have dysautonomia because of insulin problems? Could dysautonomia go away or be controlled if I took metformin? Is it possible insulin problems can cause dysautonomia dysfunction in some people? Does anyone else get dehydrated too easily? Anyone else annoyed with their bodies? (This one I'm sure of :meh:).

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