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Dr. Nancy Klimas' new ME/CFS Clinic near Miami . . . a place of welcome surprises

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by shrewsbury, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. shrewsbury

    shrewsbury member

    Daniel Moricoli posted this to co-cure 2010 01 15

    NEWS RELEASE from: www.ME-CFSCommunity.com

    Dr. Nancy Klimas' new ME/CFS Clinic near Miami . . . a place of welcome surprises

    Comfortable, electrically controlled massage recliners in a doctor's reception area?

    Such patient comfort measures are only the first of several striking features that indicate that this is no ordinary doctor's office. There is nothing ordinary about this medical facility any more than there is anything ordinary about the doctor who has created it . . . or the patients it serves.

    This is the new CFS Clinic in Kendall, Florida created by the world renown ME/CFS expert, Dr. Nancy Klimas.

    The patients, of course, are those of us who have ME/CFS and are used to being ignored or marginalized by all too many physicians. We who are used to being sent from "pillar to post" or, more accurately, from specialist to specialist in search an opinion or treatment for one of our many symptoms .. . usually to no avail.

    At her new CFS Clinic, however, Dr Klimas has created something different . . . something we're not used to . . . consideration and respect for our condition, comprehensive examination and testing as well as personal consultation with Dr. Klimas and treatment by her personally selected doctors and staff . . . all in one facility.

    Read more about the new facility at: www.ME-CFSCommunity.com

    Daniel Moricoli

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