A disease with two faces? Re-naming ME/CFS
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Dr. Klimas

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Jeanna1914, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Jeanna1914

    Jeanna1914 Guest

    Has anyone seen her in the past year or so?
    I live in Central Florida if anyone knows of good Docs in this area.
  2. dsdmom

    dsdmom Senior Member

    Hi Jeanna,
    I saw her in April @ her new clinic - there are several threads on here about Klimas and particularly about her new clinic. Check the doctor's section or do a search on 'Klimas CFS clinic'.

    Just real quick though - I really liked her and am hopeful she can help. It was interesting to finally see how 'sick' I am with my blood work done through her - all other blood work from other doctors was pretty normal. But when she does all the immune stuff it was amazing to finally have some extra validation.

    Good luck!

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