Can You Come for a Visit? My ME/CFS Says No
My daughter and son-in-law just had a baby last week. We are thrilled. But we won't be able to see the baby or hold her any time soon. We won't be able to take over little gifts or help out with housework or babysitting.
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Dr Klimas Interview

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Hysterical Woman, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Hysterical Woman

    Hysterical Woman Senior Member

    East Coast
  2. George

    George Guest

    Very Nicely Done

    So much time was given to this and to recent Good Morning America interview. It's just amazing all the press coverage right now.

    It seems like so many people are affected now, like the announcers wife, Dr. Donnica husband and son, that we are gathering advocates in the general population. As more of them speak up in interviews about the poor medical care and lack of funding, they will convince others and so on and so forth.

    When and if this lone study is replicated by (my monies on Canada) other researchers, it likely to turn into a roar!

    Here's a fantasy image for you. . .a march on Washington for CFS or by then XAND funding. Hundreds and thousands of Husband, Wives, daughters, sons, sisters and Dad's, pushing empty wheel chairs for all of us who don't have the strength to go ourselves.
  3. bananaman


    Bognor UK
    Thanks for posting :D

    I love Dr Klimas she is truly one of the good guys!
  4. anne_likes_red

    anne_likes_red Senior Member

    Very impressed

    ...I thought the interviewer was excellent...and Nancy...she's the bomb! :D

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