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Does Goldpharma.com sells fake drugs?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by legm82, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. MeSci

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    Just tried those reputation sites for Goldpharma.com. Webutation had nothing, Scamvoid result was good, and Scamadviser result not so good which surprised me.
  2. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Webutation gives goldpharma 100%, see here.

    Scamadviser is always a bit overcritical, so I would say that any overseas pharmacy that gets above 20% is acceptable on Scamadviser.

    Scamadviser also takes into account whether a pharmacy has been classed as a "rogue" pharmacy, by the LegitScript organization, and this is not a good way of judging an overseas pharmacy, as LegitScript themselves are untrustworthy and shifty.

    LegitScript are the people who have created this "rogue" classification for Internet pharmacies. So when Scamadviser says a pharmacy is "rogue," it just reflects LegitScript's categorizing for that pharmacy.

    LegitScript will label any pharmacy that does not require a prescription as "rogue," no matter how good and reliable that pharmacy is. That is why LegitScript's are shifty.

    Perfectly good, honest and reliable overseas pharmacies may be labeled as "rogue" by LegitScript.

    LegitScript is I think backed by the pharmaceutical industry that don't like losing money to the generic drugs supplied by overseas pharmacies. LegitScript has closed down thousands of online overseas pharmacies, even some very good pharmacies that I used to order from.

    As we all know, ME/CFS patients are often ignored by their doctors, as many doctors still do not believe ME/CFS is real, and this often means that these doctors will not prescribe the necessary drugs like antivirals to ME/CFS patients. So for ME/CFS patients, access to drugs without needing a prescription is vital.

    More info on LegitScript:

    LegitScript – Not So Legit?

    Complaints about Legitscript
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