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Do you have ME/CFS with or without sore throat?

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by Tally, May 10, 2012.


How often do you have sore throat since you got ME/CFS?

  1. Almost never

    16 vote(s)
  2. Once or twice a year

    8 vote(s)
  3. More than twice a year

    45 vote(s)
  1. percyval577

    percyval577 Knight

    Ik ga to bedd
    This should be one reason why I preffered quit for some time to eat sausages containing some garlic. (I still eat sausages but I am more suspicious about them now.) Garlic has also an effect on the immunesystem in respect to lower nitric oxide production.
    Anyhow, I am not concerned about fungi that I wouldn´t get rid of as I felt one time already quit nice from eating almost no sugar (and not much manganese). So I realy hope to reestate this. But on all this complicate issue questions remain.
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