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Do you get fevers? Ever?

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by Athene, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. hurtingallthetimet

    hurtingallthetimet Senior Member

    helllo, i am usually 97 something...but i will feel very feverish and bad if it is 98 or 99, i usaully feel chills, feverish sore throat always but sometimes the 98 and it will be 98,99, or 100

    if i get flu of course its even higher..but its werid that even at 98 something i will feel like i am burning up...the chills, sometimes my skin will be very cold to touch but i will feel like it is burning is strange

    i have a terrible time wiht my lymph nodes under arm and throat swelling and being thraot as i said is always hurting but at times it is extremly bad..this week it has been very very sore and feels like i have strep but when doctor checks, she feels the lymph nodes always swollen and says it is part of these illness...i hate it..i constantly eat ice chips, and throat drops and sprays...whne very swollen the doctor give antibiotics
  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Take care.. antibiotics are only good for bacterial things and not virally caused stuff and will damage protective gut flora, so it could be making things worst (damage the gut too much and you may end up with all the food intollerances coming in).
  3. Googsta

    Googsta Doing Well

    I have always had temperature issues throughout my 11 years with this illness. But not often do I have one at the doctors office, I assume it is because of the physical effort, that generally makes my temperature drop.
    Apparently I was the same as a child. According to mum I'd have 40+ temps all night & be fine the next morning.

    I run low grade fevers (37.3+) 4 or more times a day as well as subnormal temperatures (34-35). I also get high fevers over 38 for no apparent reason.
    Interesting thread ;)
  4. free at last

    free at last Senior Member

    That sounds similar to me. onset sever flu and fevers. Large gap in time betwwen attacks. at first evey 8 to 12 weeks ) Then milder fevers. now happening much more frequently. progressing to just sweating type flu attacks weekly. I can tell you this, when i was at my worst, living a life mostly lying down and i caught chicken pox, i still had a real high fever ? same when i caught influenza A after some recovery was starting to slowly happen to me. very high fever. Fevers dont seem to have been affected at all. Infact i think the opposite is true, early on it seemed as if i was actually more prone to them
  5. mellster

    mellster Marco

    San Francisco
    One method is to take T3 but not everybody tolerates it. LDN raised it a bit for me as well, and I bet most somewhat effective treatments like MAF will do that due to a small increase in inflammatory action (which will come with the cost of slightly increased inflammatory pain). Also a lot of painkillers reduce the basal temp as a side effect, so avoid if you can. Exercise will elevate it at least for a while, for those who cannto exercise at all maybe Sauna could help. Anythigt that stimulates your circulatory system can raise your basal termp slightly, such as consuming spicy foods or body stimulants such as caffeine/guarana/mate/taurine (again if you can tolerate them). I think part of this disorder for many is a sluggish lymphatic system (also partially caused by the low basal temp), I have tried heat on the local spots but switched to icing swollen/tender lymph nodes with better (local) success and instead get the lymhpatic system going via all the other methods described above. Another option could be massage. cheers

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