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D-ribose and related supplements

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by debored13, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. debored13

    debored13 Senior Member

    Vermont, school in Western MA
    I just got my d-ribose, "bulk supplements" brand, from amazon, and tried it out. I'm taking it for CFS, and had ordered the first brand i saw because i was having really bad CFS flareups and was desperate.

    I got it and it tastes like a sugar, which it is, tried a dose...

    Mild headache as with too large doses of inositol.
    I'm a little concerned, because I've heard that bulk supplements is a sketchy brand that has had solvents/contaminants in their final products.
    Thoughts on this/thoughts on better brands?

    What are good brands for this product and niacinamide and NADH ?
    How long should it take to see results from d-ribose or other supplements?
  2. PatJ

    PatJ far and free I gaze

    I've used Swanson and Vitacost (ARO black) and both work well for me. The results aren't amazing, but enough to keep taking it. Note that my ME is between moderate and severe so it might have a more beneficial effect for me.

    I notice an effect within a few hours of taking it. I helps to increase my stamina.

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