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Cured Myself After 4 Years of CFS

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by xks201, May 27, 2012.

  1. Adlyfrost

    Adlyfrost Senior Member

    @xks201 said:
    There are to date no anti-viral meds that target enteroviruses that live in the stomach tissues. People are using the wrong drugs for the wrong virus with varying degrees of success because that is all they have right now.

    However, you have me intrigued about your therapeutic doses of co-enzymated vitamins taken separately. I do believe my over fertilized gut could have been over-synthesizing B vitamins and I know piling on vitamins can make me worse. But taking just what I need is different- I think the methylation protocol is similar. I thought about trying that too but it seemed like a shot in the dark, and I couldn't find anybody with CFS who was actually cured with it.

    You will notice people on this forum are careful where they put their energy because a lot of us can't work, haven't been able to work for a long time and can't afford to spend money and energy on a shot in the dark (because as someone else said, many of us have spent thousands, some even hundreds of thousands of dollars already).

    We all know and agree that hormones and metabolism are a huge part of this mess, but it will take some convincing for most to start playing with those things, esp. if they believe like I do, all these problems are caused by viruses or an autoimmune response related to viruses.

    Before you publish your ebook, may I suggest you look deeper into the viral theories of CFS, if anything, just to make a better argument about what you believe. I will read about your theories because now that I have a protocol that works at ridding me of my viral symptoms, I want to work torward getting vibrantly healthy again. Getting my hormones to work is of keen interest to me because I am always exhausted and want to have the energy to go back to work full-time someday.

    However, like everything else, I have to proceed with caution, careful not to mess up the progress I have made with my current protocol. I know what works for my CFS (viral symptoms)- the question is how can I improve my regular health (mood, energy, etc.) without bringing the viral symptoms back.

    Experience has shown me that exercise and throwing nutrients at the problem are not the answer. Improving cold weather and sun tolerance and reducing autoimmune responses to food and overstimulating immune system would be helpful because these things often precipitate viral attacks and my tools at controlling them are very limited.

    However, I reject the claim that my CFS is caused by anything but a virus/autoimmune response. If the shoe fits...
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  2. Adlyfrost

    Adlyfrost Senior Member

    The studies you posted @xks201 have me convinced that another go at b vitamins is at least worth a try- esp. in the summer when, if I do accidentally over-fertilize my gut and bring back the virus, I can more easily recover than if I tried and failed in the winter.

    I am going to be purchasing some of the single doses of b-vitamins you listed: P5P, bentothiamine, Rib. 5 phos., biotin, folinic acid but maybe not niacin since I get adverse reactions in addition to flushes with that. Glutathione powder also sounds good.

    I can't afford to be tested right now. If I become convinced it would be to my benefit and that there are supplements I could take for hormones and other things that would not screw me up with an autoimmune response, perhaps I will consider it.

    I am on the fense about vitamin D- I have extreme sun sensitivity and I don't know if vitamin d is a factor in that or not. Some protocols eliminate it because it promotes the synthesizing of biofilms, if I understand correctly. I have never heard of anyone with CFS/ME getting better with it. But I am willing to try again- but only because my bone broth regimen has been sooooo successful!

    I am in a good place right now to experiment. But only because I stopped taking vitamins and eating lots of nutrients. I am all about improving gut function and this research is interesting- not because of the studies but because there is at least one person who claims to have has CFS who benefitted.

    I am inclined to believe your CFS because when I was young I just had CFS and it was devastating, but not as severe as when I was older. The ME symptoms develop gradually and after horrible flus. Everyone is different.

    I will post back my results when I know something. In the past B vitamins helped with feelings of weakness, bladder infections and cervical dysplasia but did nothing for enteroviral symptoms or made them worse. If my virus was not in a fragile remission like it is now I would not entertain such an idea. But then I never took high individual doses before either.

    I blew off methylation protocol because I was like," baloney- mostly just B vitamins"- been there, done that. But I am not satisfied with just not having flu symptoms- want to get back to a healthy energy level and eat solid foods and fruit someday.

    Anything you can suggest to start improving gut function and metabolism with these B vitamins is much appreciated.

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