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CROI (Retrovirology and Opportunistic Infections, Boston) on XMRV and CFS

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by Ecoclimber, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. important note:
    many of the great discoveries in Science have been made by *amateurs*, and this still occurs today though with less frequency, due to the fact that most advancements require extremely complex aparatus and large teams.

    Getting a PhD or whatever is merely the *start* of getting to grips with a field, it doesn't make you God ;)

    "Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups!" and should be noted on all lab buildings in big lettering :p
    By that I mean, far too often folk get to assume Occam's Razor = right answer, instead of efficient method to start from but not necessarily correct way.
    as time goes on folks' thinking always tends to occify, but each problem is UNIQUE, while prior answers may well give easy way to find correct answer for current maybe entirely wrong and relying too much on past experience can lead to dreadful errors, ie, assumptions.
    All good researchers do know that. But I can't tell who's good/bad (with only a few exceptions), so I can but hope :)

    And yet I know many folk who's thinking is open,will find answers many who's thinking is closed, cannot. Thus amateurs who beaver away with passion at a thing, can find solutions that experts who are tired, harassed, lack refreshing input, occified, or even out of their depth or hubristic cannot.

    Research is carried out by Human Beings..and all that entails!

    And my respects to the vast number of folk who've beavered away over many many years, doing icnredibly boring work, that has given us so much, be they amateur or professional :)
  2. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    I don't want to defend foul behavior because it makes it difficult to have a debate. However, if one steps up to a level 5-6 levels of consciousness for a minute. One can see it is difficult to maintain restraint when the evidence is overwhelming it is not a scientific debate. The good science of the WPI/FDA has been largely been drowned out with crappy science and plausible denialability.

    The WPI has found a retrovirus linked to neuroimmune disease over a year ago, the FDA confirmed the WPI findings with more elaboarte testing methods showing in greater detail. Various junk studies have been released in an attempt to quickly drown out the good work of the WPI and FDA. ALL of which don't prove anything wrong with the WPI findings or the FDA findings. ALL of the naysayers have either used lousy testing methods(dried blood spot, and bad primers), or have simply stated that contamination is a possbility and tried to mislead everybody into thinking that those studies PROVED there was contamination.

    For one year now nobody has attempted to replicate the WPI's EXACT testing methods. Nobody has identified any problems with the FDA study or the WPI study. It's been a story of a DAvid(WPI) battling Goliath(UK, CDC, MRC, coorporate owned news media, and who knows what other special interests).

    Time to face reality and realize this retrovirus is REAL and not going away.
  3. Mark
    again, see what those evil, stupid lunatics did with HIV/AIDs, denying, refusing to investigate because they acted like gays/drug users/non-whites were "filthy non-humans who deserved to die of plague!"
    O M G...utterly unbelievable, but did indeed happen, it WAS a conspiracy and they DID get away with it. See "And the Band Played On", book or film for details on the despicable FOUL way HIV was treated and let run rampant, sigh.

    This (XMRV) though could be much much worse, and that's saying something.
    they are *insane* cover ups caus emroe toruble than the damn original problem, it's like not treating an infection..BOOM! ulcer!..BOOM! Gangrene!...BOOM! death. Jeesh.
  4. JT1024

    JT1024 Senior Member

    I rarely get onto PR but I happened to see this thread. Given what I've learned in the last 24 hours, there is substantial reason for people to be concerned about retroviruses.

    If you get a chance, go to It is a deep web medical research search engine. If you type in recombinant murine retrovirus, you will get many "hits".

    I downloaded many documents and have learned that the risk of an RCR (replication competent retroviruses) has been a subject of concern for many years.

    People can argue all they want. The science is there. The next steps are to 1) minimize future risks for biologics and vaccines and 2) find treatments for all of us!

    Just my two cents... ~ JT
  5. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    No worries.

    I'm not defending Gerwyn or his bad behavior, or any of the other horrific behavior I see over there. It's kind of like going to a hair salon with a bunch of narcissistic hair stylists that talk about retroviruses on that other forum some days. A big click.

    However, I understand that brain damage affects ones empathy. I have 10 lesions and serious brain damage, I know first hand how brain damage affects ones self control and behavior. Not saying that is the case with all of them, but likely some of them.

    I don't like his style, and he could care less what I think he is fighting for his life and others lives. However, that obsession from that group has basically lead to intense non-stop research that has thrown a wrench into the gears of all the corruption supporters. I appreciate that part, it is long overdue. Hence I think the group has done good. It is only the type of anger and passion that is needed to overthrow the special interests. However, that anger is counterproductive to some extent and makes it impossible to debate. It's clear they need to change, but they can stay in their group and they are not doing any harm to anybody but the CDC, and probably only helping the debate. If they didn't have valid points Everybody could ignore them, but apparently Gerwyn does so people feel compelled to respond.

    I'm not here to upset anybody, last thing I want to do. I'm just here to wake a few people up.

    This whole story goes way beyond just the CDC by the way. It is a story about coorporate influenece on government. It is a story about the news media being owned by and putting "spin" on health articles. It is about the UK and US working together to keep the people sick, in the dark, and cut off disability benefits. It is about the way drug companies have trained doctors. It just goes on. just saying it is one big mess.
  6. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

  7. Bob


    England (south coast)
    This seems like a helpful development...

    Does anyone have any insight into the following?:

    When they say it could be a 'quantitative' tool, and it can detect and 'quantify' XMVR RNA, do they mean they would be able to measure viral load?

    Why do they test its specificity by using HIV and hepatitis viruses? Wouldn't it be better to test it's specificity on other gammaretroviruses?

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