The power and pitfalls of omics part 2: epigenomics, transcriptomics and ME/CFS
Simon McGrath concludes his blog about the remarkable Prof George Davey Smith's smart ideas for understanding diseases, which may soon be applied to ME/CFS.
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Could someone post FAX numbers for Collins, Mangan, Scarpa, Hoshawb, etc.?

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by TheMoonIsBlue, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. TheMoonIsBlue

    TheMoonIsBlue Senior Member

    Could someone please post the FAX numbers for the following people:

    I think as mentioned during the "What have you done for ME Lately?", faxes may hold more weight than repeated emails from the same email address which may eventually go into the spam folder.

    I don't think that Faxes can be ignored.

    Faxorama lets you send 2 free faxes a day, right from your computer

    If anyone has the time and energy to post the fax #'s, it would be helpful.

    Now that we got rid of McClure, like others have said it is time to let them know we need the dentists and psych's removed and replaced with virologists, retrovirologists and neurologists

    I apologize if they are posted elsewhere......

    Thanks :)
  2. glenp

    glenp "and this too shall pass"

    Vancouver Canada suburbs
    Carole Heilman 301-480-4528
    Kathleen Kendrick 301-427-1201
    Thomas Frieden 202-260-8512
    Fauci 301-402-3573
    Collins 301-402-2700
    Sebelius 202-690-6392
    Susan Persons 301-496-3975
  3. TheMoonIsBlue

    TheMoonIsBlue Senior Member

    Thanks, Glen!

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