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Conspiracy theory stuff, but interesting.

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by heapsreal, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. overtrain

    overtrain Medical Mafia needs to die via this virus.

    Sightings in one form or another don't often make mainstream media in the U.S., at least. I saw something on a smaller scale similar to your sighting. Have met others who don't like to admit similar experiences. Ppl automatically assume a sighting exp. cldnt poss. be what was described, and def. not any sort of visitation. The old weather balloon theory. Whether it's our own technology, or something nonhuman coming or other possibility, I don't claim to know. I do know, however, the way the craft accelerated and the angle it went in that acceleration is impossible from what I have seen with our technology. Not that I know the first thing about military, etc. aircraft. Freaked me out for a long time. I reported it to a UFO website but never anywhere else.
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  2. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    I don't believe there is currently a "new world order", because yeah partly as Alex points out, it's so messy chaotic, stupid etc
    it's many many factions and individuals, and sub-factions within them, all trying to dick over everyone else and that it's the reason for so many disasters and problems.
    But I believe there will come a "new world order" because so many folk have thought there is that in coming times of increased crisis, the idea of the "safety" of a "world leadership", will become a "self fulfilling prophecy"., and be a right mess!

    Oswald could have shot JFK and it oculd be as said ofically, but what I found odd about it was something no one else seems to have mentioned
    ok, either Oswald was mad or not but if you look at the advert he bought the gun form, it also has Lee-Enfields and mauser rifles, which were far better weapons than the Italian so-so one he got. Lee-Enfields are best battle rifles of their type, 10 shots and cranked bolt so they can fire lot faster than the Mausers
    Mauser though is more accurate.
    So, if you are planning on assassinating someone important, why the hell would you not get the better weapon when the difference iirc was like $5 to $15?
    of course may purely have been aesthetics or poverty behind the choice, but...odd.
    And the bullet was solid so the extreme damage was a bit odd, not impossible but unusual.

    Bobby's murder, now THAT was the one that actually reeks of conspiracy, added to Teddy being disgraced and guaranteed never to get into Whitehouse because of it...
    Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is bloody deliberate ;)

    A pair of "conspiracies" here interest me:

    Clydebank was bombed flat by the Germans, huge media blackout, more so than for other bombings, why?
    How did the Germans manage to come in at just the right height to evade low level guns and high level fighters in a defence pattern never tried before?
    Why is the British government still lying about the death toll?
    Folk here knew it was much worse, and on interview, one fella stated that he counted in just one makeshift morgue about the same number as the official death toll...i.e. a hell of a lot more folk died.
    The British by this time ha captured all German spies months before, thanks to Admiral Canaris (huge irony and secret until somewhat recently, head of their intelligence hated the Nazi evil and betrayed his own people/system)

    And then few months later Hess avoids interception, lands and ask to talk peace terms with a Scottish Duke
    and then go read up on Hess's death...suicide my ass! and early this year, they cremated his body to stop "neo Nazis worshipping at his grave"...IMHO, real reason was to destroy the DNA, because the Hess we were presented with did not add up, he was a phony.

    Why keep such stuff secret even now?
  3. overtrain

    overtrain Medical Mafia needs to die via this virus.

    Messy, stupid, chaotic.... By design. Possibly. I never underestimate the power of propaganda. What we see, think we see, think at all, and think are our own thoughts all could be opposite of how they appear. I'm not saying there's some big plot out there with thus and such agenda. But it's not beyond scope to imagine very, very few individuals have the power to influence ALL of us through a variety of means, policies, chemical testing, schooling, neighborhood layouts, media content, political agendas, forced poverty, corrupt law enforcement, penal system, GMOs, vaccines, chips, drones....

    One can go hogwild with his stuff, esp. In the middle of the night as it is here, lol. The older I get, the more I see things are not what they seem more often than not. Either that, or I've been in a serious daze for five decades. Kennedy's assassination and other events can be a form of distraction. Throwing us dogs a bone. Keep the masses focused on minutiae. Obv., that was a major event. But there remains a sense here in america we constantly put out fires instead of figuring out their cause and more importantly, how they cross breed and the insidious ways they proliferate. Kind of like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Meantime, generations go by with the same questions, subjugation, and, as we see right here on this site, egregious failing of "health" care. Sure, a factor is the human condition itself. But really, all of it?

    Or are there about 10 to 20 people meeting every so often to snap the grid into whatever place they want it at any given time, not only for financial gain, but, well, for amusement. It could be the U.S. Presidency means nothing. It could be the office itself exists to pacify citizens, make them think they have a say, that there's transparency and a democratic blueprint they live by. If corporations do have personhood, who has the most cards? In the end, the last one standing sure isn't a person.... It's the corporation.... Generation after generation.

    This post brought to you live, from the heartland, fueled by dark chocolate, Southpark, folinic acid, lecithin, peet's coffee, and advil.

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