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Congratulating Jan Laverick (Posted by Tina Tidmore of MCWPA) -

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by muffin, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. muffin

    muffin Senior Member

    Congratulating Jan Laverick Posted by Tina Marie Miller Tidmore at 10:31am

    In order to get news coverage, we need people willing to tell their story. Jan Laverick, in the UK, generously allowed the MCWPA to use her photo in the internationally-distributed press release: photo appeared in a big screen in Times Square and Las Vegas because of the MCWPA press release. photo was so compelling that it was one of three photos on the main page of the PR Newswire website for at least 24 hours.And now she is doing it again. She was featured in a news story as the UK Parliament discusses M.E.

    See the news report here: It's time the story of severe cases of this illness get into the public consciousness. We have to change public opinion to change politicians. In addition to patients donating to research, we must have changes in government policy and increased government-funded research. For too long, patients have had to carry the burden alone. It's time we get the public and government on our side. A faxing campaign is going on now for the US:
    Future actions will have a more international effect, reflecting that MCWPA is a worldwide group. The message is the same across land and ocean: increase government funding into biomedical nature of this illness. Patients told us they want MCWPA to do a press release announcing the next big biological finding and a public service announcement. These cost money. If you would like to donate toward this stronger message of awareness of what changes are needed, go here: again.

    Thank you to all who are willing to tell their story publicly.
  2. cigana

    cigana Senior Member

    Hi muffin,

    Your final link seems to be broken...

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