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Comparison of CFS and CRPS Demographics

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by PoetInSF, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. PoetInSF

    PoetInSF Senior Member

    I recently heard about CRPS, some sort of sympathetic nerve disorder. Did some googling, and found that its demographics is strikingly similar to CFS (4:1 female to male, mostly 40s and 50s):

    No idea what that means, if any, I just thought it was interesting. It's a real disorder btw, triggered usually by an injury. (ie, no debate about it being psychosomatic, etc.)
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Senior Member

    I was diagnosed with this, after a minor shoulder injury caused by a ski-ing accident. Six months after the injury the pain got worsebecame neuropathic and then gradually spread all over my back arms and shoulders. I had odd pins and needles and the slightest touch caused pain. It gradually resolved over 2 years, and then became more typical fibro pain.

    When I had the accident, I was in a long remission from ME, which I first had 20 years earlier. I see this accident as leading to my additional diagnosis of fibro, and then, over the next few years, more severe ME symptoms.

    I think it's fairly likely that there's some kind of neurological abnormality that is similar in the three conditions.


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