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CMV and EBV results

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by jackass, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. jackass


    Hi everyone,

    I suffer from CFS and my fatigue is only getting worse.
    I've done a whooole lot of testing lately however they didn't find much. Apparently I've had CMV and EBV but currently they're not active. I do have blisters under my tounge but don't know if that's related.

    I'd appreciate if anyone could help me interpret these results and tell me if there's anything to do. I'm interested in trying Valtrex to see if it may improve things.

    BS-1302255 VS-1303808
    Serum Serum
    CMV IgG, AE/mL 10000 8200
    CMV IgM, OD <0.10 <0.10

    Ebstein-Barr virus
    EBNA IgG, Index 2.4 2.3
    EBV IgG, AE/mL 120 140
    EBV IgM, OD <0.12 <0.12

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