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Cistus incanus

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by xrunner, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. xrunner

    xrunner Senior Member

    Anybody tried Cistus Incanus tea or tincture?
    I have had the tea for a few days then stopped then resumed again. It seems to cause a considerable increase in fatigue and feeling kind of spaced out. I can't understand why.
    It's just a normal infusion. Klinghardt says it's effective against biofilm and is antibacterial but then if that's the case (I'm trying it to find out) I would not expect it to work so fast, so I assume it must be affecting something else.
    I'd like to hear from anybody who's tried it.
  2. Owl42

    Owl42 Psychedelic bird

    This herb has been recently recomended to me for treatment of viral and retroviral infections and I was going to open a new thread on this, but seeing it already exists, let's see if someone can provide some new info on it now :p

    This is the most related research I've found
  3. Violeta

    Violeta Senior Member

    Yes, I drink cistus incanus tea off and on and give it to our dogs, too.

    I have only had positive reaction to it, but I drink it very diluted because of the taste. Since it breaks down biofilm, setting free all kinds of stuff, I could see how it could cause an almost immediate reaction.
    That might make for dirty blood that can't carry oxygen.

    I did start taking monolaurin recently, though, and have had some uncomfortable symptoms.

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