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Cholestasis / lack of bile flow

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by hixxy, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Athene



    I don't want to be rude by contradicting, but my sister did a week long course on liver flushes and all related stuff (she works in a health food shop as a health consultant). Apparently those things that come out are not gallstones or indeed anything to do with bile, they are coagulations of stuff that was lurking in your intestine. If you had 50 gallstones, some as big as your thumb, you would not only need a bile duct the size of a blue whale, you'd also have been hospitalised with an acute crisis needing your gallbladder removed long ago!
    However, these bile flush activities do work by giving you a little "bile squirt." They do it by saving up bile for a day or more (however long you do the fasting phase) and then shooting it out all in a brief rapid discharge. So you are not actually making more bile than you would have done, you are just saving it for ejection all in one go. The idea is that this cleanses the bile duct, which based on logic I believe it does, though there is no definite medical proof of this.
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  2. xks201

    xks201 Senior Member

    Well I could barely sleep at night due to the pain in my gallbladder. I felt the stones pass out of it during the cleanse. I am a medical student. I know where the gallbladder is. They were bright green and solid. Hard to miss. When I say 50 I mean the majority of them were small. But some, probably the ones giving pain, were large. No more gallbladder pain after doing that cleanse twice. And I have been in the ER throwing up bile before. I had GB problems for a while before this. Not saying it cured the cause of the stones but surely it did get rid of them.
  3. greenshots

    greenshots Senior Member

    Hi Hixxy,

    my doc uses the combo of Cholachol, yellow dock, Serenaid, and ora liver to stimulate this. One of my boys lost all digestive function, or so it seemed, after the MMR vaccine so she started him on this once he was better supported on the program and after about 3-4 weeks or so it was like a light swicthed and he finally absorbed his food again and gained some weight. Stools were also finally normal! I had to use the ACAT/BHMT caps for my other boy before he had normal digestion but he had more genetic defects (BHMT, AHCY, SHMT, MTHFR A1298c) that cause gut issues but I use 1/4 cap since they're so expensive but they work!

    I can see why you'd hate the coffee enema! She started my neighbor's mom on those for liver cancer and the glutathione release with those is 700x the normal amount so the detox is horrific! Although, she kept her alive all this time (3 years) when she only had 3-4 months to live and she's enjoying life and travelling, which is ALOTT more than I can say for chemo.

  4. Calathea

    Calathea Senior Member

    If you google "liver flush scam", you can read about how these things work, including articles by surgeons who have looked into it. There's plenty of proof against it, and no proof at all that it works. Basically, the olive oil saponifies in your body and forms little green pellets. Proponents of the liver flush never seem to know how small the gallbladder is, and always claim that they have expelled far more gallstones than would fit in a gallbladder several times over. If you have real gallstones, then swallowing that much oil is very dangerous as it could trigger a real gallstone attack which could lead to a gallstone getting stuck in a bile duct and causing infection. Even if you don't have real gallstones, it's a bad idea to consume that much oil in terms of heart disease and the like. A nurse friend of mine was horrified when I told her that people were urging me to do this. It is alarmingly popular for people to be bullied into avoiding essential medical treatment in favour of fraudulent remedies - I've even had someone spend a long time trying to bully me into trying the olive oil treatment a month after I had my gallbladder removed.

    If you think you are having a gallstone attack, call a doctor immediately. The pain is extreme, and I don't mean pain that "barely allows you to sleep" - you have no chance of sleeping through a gallstone attack, it's more painful than childbirth and often causes other symptoms such as hypothermia. If you can't get to a doctor, it's probably a good idea to go to A&E/ER. Gallstone attacks happen when the gallbladder contracts and a stone is forced out. The stones tend to be wider than the bile duct (which is only 3mm), so it is horrendously painful for them to travel through it. Sometimes they get stuck there, and that's when it can lead to infection and be life-threatening.

    Please also remember that most bile is produced by the liver. The gallbladder is just there to provide a little extra squirt of bile when digesting particularly large meals. It's left over from the "feast or famine" days of earlier humans. This is why humans can get on absolutely fine without a gallbladder, now that we eat not only every day, but several times a day. If you already have a gallbladder chock full of gallstones, then it is no longer functioning, and it cannot go back to normal even if there were some way of safely removing the gallstones without harming the gallbladder. There is a pill treatment they sometimes use on people who cannot tolerate surgery (I think only in mild cases too), but it takes a very long time to work, has a high rate of side effects, and the gallstones come back most of the time, so it's actually harder on the body in many ways than simply having the surgery. Any other ideas - shockwaves, "zapping" the gallstones, pouring olive oil at them - are a myth, they don't work.

    Anyway, if you seem to be having gallbladder problems, call a doctor, and do NOT mess around with olive oil. You actually need to be on a very low-fat diet if you have gallstones. If you think it may be your liver, then get your liver checked out. It's not difficult to run a liver function test.
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  5. Athene


    Very well said Calathea. All very well said indeed.
  6. drex13

    drex13 Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    I tried a gallbladder flush shortly before I ended up having mine removed. It made me sicker, and I think sped my having to have it removed along. However,life without a gallbladder has been one big digestive adventure. I wouldn't exactly say that people can get along just fine without it. However, I do agree to avoid the flushes.
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  7. rlc

    rlc Senior Member

  8. Uno

    Uno Senior Member

    Brighton, United Kingdom
    Hi hon

    Sorry to hear you are suffering. I hate to point it out but it sounds like you could be suffering from Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis or Primary Biliary Cirrosis, all affect the flow of bile which is the problem I am having. Look up PSC and see if it relates. I wouldn't mess about with natural stuff yourself, if you have a problem in the biliary area you will make it worse.

    Let me know what you think x

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