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Characteristics of Psychiatrists Disciplined by Professional Colleges

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by natasa778, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. natasa778

    natasa778 Senior Member

    The Characteristics of Psychiatrists Disciplined by Professional Colleges in Canada

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  2. MishMash


    Was this intended to be an outright anti-psychiatrist screed?

    Because if it was, I endorse it 100%. I don't trust them.
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  3. As I've said, it's a modern day hidehole/power spot, for those who once would have been in the Inquisition or such.
    nothing to do with science or compassion, the bulk of Psychiatry is filled with manipulative scumbags who's vodoo bullshit lets them fit anything to any of their ludicrous crap exactly like the witchfinders of old.
    they hunted out, expanded their role/power/position, scared folk into silence by accusing them of heresy/not caring about victims exactly like religious/political zealots do!

    "How do we know a woman is a witch?"
    "Throw her in a pond, if she floats she uses magic to do it and must burn as a witch, if she drowns she's a good Christian!
    If she has a third nipple, a mole on her back...."
    so, um, like in the end, eveyr woman was a witch?
    Same vodoo bullshit :p

    also brings up study that suggests many financial traders are effectively, psychopaths
    hence they don't care their antics are causing incredible harm
  4. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    You have such a way with words, now tell us how you really think, lol.

    good call.
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  5. John Mac

    John Mac Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
  6. ;)
    Problem is, hard science didn't slap the sods way back, partially because there wasn't the tools/means to give definitive facts to support hard action.
    Being wahoos, the "bad" psychiatrists kept pushing their envelope, because it's all about power/ego/money largely though they deluded themselves that they were "doing the right thing".
    so they started saying many illnesses were in their "bailiwick" so they could control them, not help/cure patients, but control the arena.

    look at stomach ulcers, no evidence for their cocakamammy vodoo bullhit that "stress" caused them, it's a frekain bacteria for many cases, but they literally scared off/silenced anyone and it took 40 years to overturn their bullshit domination and lies.
    and they are *lies*, got nothing to do with science, all to do with ego/power

    many a decent person has went into religion, some are incredible people, that should never be forgotten.
    nor should we forget the wahoos and ways the "group" became a horror.
    Same thing.
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  7. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    1875. That was the year they figured out that peptic ulcers were probably from bacteria. It took 108 years for that to be recognized, largely because psychiatry dominated the discussion. My blog on it is here:

    Some psychs like to say that patients reject a psychosomatic label due to psychiatric stigma. I wonder if biomedical researchers avoid diseases that might be psychosomatic because they have to wade through so much complete nonsense, and they instinctively avoid psychobabble? My theory has more evidence for it that the psychobabble one does!

    People forget that large established religious institutions used to be about control. They had their own police, their own investigators, their own private armies. They went to war and invaded countries (I am talking of the Papacy wars here).

    There is a good reason why we separate church and state. Power is not safe concentrated in one group. I am writing a blog on separation of powers and medicine. Is it safe to give all the power to an appointed group of doctors who oversee all of medicine in their country? Sure most of them are probably honest, its not about that, its about the downside when too many who seek power wind up in those positions. Medical power, in my view, needs to be broken up and separated, just like we separate church and state, or the three branches of government - executive, legislature and judiciary.

    Bye, Alex
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  8. MishMash


    Modern psychiatry has not changed. Thoughtful analysis, careful screening, objective principles of diagnosis.

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  9. Ah, Python, so prescient! :p

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