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Graham McPhee spells out some of the cold, hard facts about the dismal state of ME research and politics, and has some suggestions as to what we can do about it ...
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  1. Fuzzyhead

    Fuzzyhead Senior Member

    I was told I had ibs a few years back after having a colonoscopy. I haven't been feeling well since november with various things like vertigo etc. My bowels have been looser in the mornings and my appetite hasn't been too great. My friends little girl had a sickness bug last week and was vomiting for days. On tuesday i started feeling sickly and on wednesday i felt achy, sweating and generally unwell and i have had bad watery diarrhea since. I have no appetite because i feel sick and my stomach feels tender around my belly button. I don't feel well at all but all my family think its the bug i have caught off my god daughter but i am worried.
  2. Junto


    If you have IBS, it's likely caused by SIBO. You can get tested for this with a hydrogen breath test. Many studies indicate SIBO as likely being causitive in Fibromyalgia. It's probably worth focusing on this.

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