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We’ve all seen them in the news stories about ME/CFS: the guy in a suit at the office, yawning; the beautiful woman sitting at her desk with her immaculate make-up and elegantly coiffed hair, hand to her head and looking slightly pained.
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Boost NIH/FDA XMRV story on news site Reddit by voting: Takes 30 seconds

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by asleep, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. asleep

    asleep Senior Member

    I have created the following posts to help raise awareness of the DHHS tactics:

    Please help vote both stories up (just click the "up" arrow to the left of each title in the upper left corner) to increase their popularity. It is very easy to register a username (takes literally 30 seconds and you don't need an email). Also, if it catches on, I would appreciate any help responding to questions/comments or improving my synopsis. You can also vote comments up and down with the arrows next to them.

    I have tried to summarize the current situation with the Alter paper from the standpoint of the broader implications to scientific inquiry.

    For those not familiar with reddit, it is a social news site where users submit links (or text) which the community votes up or down. Users can also discuss submissions. It tends to be a relatively educated and open-minded community with a general appreciation of science. I think a number of journalists keep an eye on it, so if we can boost the story to the front-page, it could have a very big effect.

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