1. Patients launch $1.27 million crowdfunding campaign for ME/CFS gut microbiome study.
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AVIVA Semi-Finals: National ME/FM Action Network is competing for $100,000
The National ME/FM Action Network in Canada is competing for $100,000 for biomedical research of ME and FM in the Aviva Community Fund contest. With thanks to all who helped, they made it through the first round of voting into the Semi-Finals.
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Book: Insurance Insider writes book Deadly Spin

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Phoenix Rising Team

    Phoenix Rising Team

  2. Merry

    Merry Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    Thank you, C., for making me aware of this book. I will check if the library has it.

    I keep getting letters from my insurance company "doctors" telling me to be sure to get cancer screenings. They know of course that my high deductible hospitization plan does not cover those screenings or any preventive care. They are worried, ha, ha, that I may in the end cost them money!

    A little later: The library owns several copies, and I am now number 32 on the reserve list.
  3. Mark

    Mark Acting CEO

    Sofa, UK
    Thanks for this, I've added it to one of my many lists...hope to have time to actually buy and read it some day!... :rolleyes:

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