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Binders; Zeolite vs Modified Citrus Pectin and others

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by Unistasis, May 27, 2014.

  1. Unistasis


    Hello again,

    Im a mold sufferer With a rather problematic situation.

    After 1,5 years of mold exposure, I've grown extremely sensitive to that strain of mold that was in my appartment. In any case, my detox pathways, liver, kidneys are probably not working to well, and I am overloaded With toxins, till the point where I constantly sweat them out from hands and feet.

    I have had on and off problems With hand and feet sweat all my life, all depending on how much toxin load I have at any given time, but after I got a second breakout of mold in my old appartment, I've become so sensitive, even to my own sweat, from the mold/mycotoxins i seem to sweat out. I get the same reactions from what I sweat out, as from the mold i got exposed to, just a lot milder, but the symptoms are still there, and for example, if touch, say butter, With some of the sweat residue on my fingers, and come back in some hours, i get an aggrevated reaction from it, making me think that the mold is still alive when its chelated out, and it spreads on Food. I know People talking about mycotoxins spreading, but isnt it more logical that it's mold,
    because mycotoxins, even if they can spread, they cant reproduce, am i right?
    and if binders bind to the mold directly, like cholestyramine, its logical that its mold coming out, perhaps accompanied by mycotoxins?

    In any case, I am wondering, in any case, if any binder would actually kill the mold toxins before it leaves the body, or is the mechanism to trap the mold and then just getting it out of the body?

    I dont know if it matters that much, but pectin is a carbohydrate, and molds feed of carbohydrates.

    Ive been using MCP for mold and Heavy metals, and while i havent had that many side effects from it, i dont know if its the most optimal for mold. I mean, i feel more mold toxins coming out of me, i could smell that from my urine and feces, to be blunt, and from my sweat, but perhaps if the binder is better og stronger or perhaps not made of carbohydrate, it would perhaps help?

    So I've read about zeolite taking out mold of the body. Anyone have any experience With this?
  2. Approximately_me


    Charcoal works well. So does diatomaceous earth.
  3. starlightchasing



    Hi, I know that this an old post, but I found it very informative. i am curious, did you have any luck with the zeolite?

    I am looking for mold binders besides CSM and activated charcoal. They gave me TERRIBLE withdrawal from a medication interaction.

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