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ME/CFS and the Magic of the Canine Factor
There's been plenty of research indicating that having pets is good for your health. I never really noticed any particular benefits to having cats, though that may have had more to do with my cats. They've been fairly indifferent to my presence and we've shared a live-and-let-live...
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Berkey water fiters

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by Sallysblooms, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Sallysblooms

    Sallysblooms P.O.T.S. now SO MUCH BETTER!

    Southern USA
    My parent's have a Big Berkey and love it. I love to drink from it when I am visiting. My hubby and I decided to get one. I am supposed to drink three liters of water for my kidney stones and of course it is wonderful for POTS, CFS and for your health in general.

    I just got off the phone. Ordered one I won't go into how clean the water will be with the filters, would take too long, but I am very happy to be getting one. We have a Pure Filter in the fringe, faucet etc, but they are not in the same class, just better than nothing. We thought about RO, etc, but this is so much better.

    Does anyone have one? I have done a ton of reading about them. Really interesting.

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