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Bemer 3000

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by m1she11e, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. flutter


    I'm selling my iMRS 2000 it's only a few months old. Message me for details!
  2. drcarl


    First Post: Thank you for the rather long and very informative thread. The BEMER device arrived on my horizon and as I researched and learned about PEMFs, some of my travels were to this thread. I am just learning about PEMF devices.

    It was interesting for me to watch myself develop from a person (like most of the posters) who associate results with a particular device or brand (ex: BEMER or iMRS), to one who associates results with the particular PEMF equipment's specifications, namely: frequency (cycles per second - Hz), intensity (micro-Teslas - µT), wave form (square wave, sinusoidal, sawtooth, mixed, etc.), programs, and length and frequency of treatments...provided that the capability of interest is present.

    Too bad what's really happening, what the devices really emit, and what kind of field is produced, are not more obvious. Just like both Cobra and Uniden CB radios can each broadcast on channel nineteen (breaker breaker one nine! - lol), and just like a string vibrating at 440 Hz will sound like the key of "A" whether it's a guitar, violin or piano string, eight minutes of a 7.83 Hz sinusoidal wave at 35 µTesla is the same thing whether it comes from an MAS PEMF device, or one made by Medithera, or Almag, or from a $20,000 PEMF-120 device.

    Because a BEMER rep sells BEMERs does not make it impossible for that rep to tell the truth. I admit that I do, however, appreciate the useful opinions of "neutral third parties" with no vested interests to tempt the Bias Gods.

    Good luck to all.

    Dr Carl
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