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Avoiding environmental allergies especially indoors (MCS)

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by SickOfSickness, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. zoe.a.m.

    zoe.a.m. Senior Member

    Olympic Peninsula, Washington
    I'd like to revive the thread to ask if anyone here (with MCS in addition to ME/CFS) is living with propane heat successfully? I have signed a lease for a place that did not give me a "bad feeling" when I was in it, but it is summer, and it has a propane stove (not sure what kind) that uses a blower to blow the heat out, and also has a (very nice) propane cooking stove with a big vent.

    All literature seems to agree that propane=bad news for MCS, but I could not find a place that met all of my criteria and I went for an overall sense of okay, if that makes sense...? I've been in homes that have propane heating and not noticed any problems, but I haven't lived in them and I don't know how new/what type/all that good-to-know info. I'm hoping there may be a few people here who do use propane and are not having problems with it. I don't want to hit the "panic" button yet, but I want to be responsible too.

    Hoping for a little hope...

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