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Autoimmune PBC caused by human betaretrovirus

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by natasa778, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Overstressed

    Overstressed Senior Member

    That's the most interesting article I've read, lately. Such, that it convinces me to be infected with such a virus. I catched this sexually, and rightafter my bloodwork showed an infection, plus an increase of liver enzymes during 3 months. The enzyme increase was marginal, it went never above border value, but at the highest, it was just upper limit. After 3 months, the enzymes started to decrease, slowly.

    The only thing that is not normal (concerning my liver) is that my liver enzymes values have inversed, i.e. the AST/ALT ratio. Most doctors don't pay any attention to this ratio, especially when your liver enzymes are normal. The answer I received most is: these enzymes fluctuate all the time.

    Another indication that goes with this virus and PBC: my gluten(and lactose) sensitivity.

    Next proof: soon after infection, my thyroid stimuli hormone started to increase, with antibodies against the thyroid(anti_thyroglobuline + anti-TPO).
    A recent MRI showed that my thyroid is too small for a person of my age. So, destruction is going on.

    This point is a bit of speculation: another betaretrovirus, the sheep-retrovirus is airborne, meaning it can spread by saliva droplets. Now comes the horrible, but fascinating similarity: I've seen to have infected my close contacts. All are getting ill one by one. My aunt has Hashimoto's, my sister in law is having underperformance of the Thyroid, her husband is suffering now from a disease like atypical Meniere, my wife suffers from an under performance of the thyroid, my mum started having pulmonal hypertension. HIV does cause also pulmonal hypertension, perhaps genetics play a role too.

    To me, this all is no coincidence. There's a researcher who wants to run a test on me(in research) to look for unknown viruses. She's a retrovirologist. Perhaps, I can ask her if she can find traces of such a betaretrovirus.

    Best wishes,
  2. lansbergen

    lansbergen Senior Member


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