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Article: XMRV at the Fed: Conspiracy or Confusion?

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising Articles' started by Phoenix Rising Team, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    I hope you are right guys. I have heard that an AIDS researcher say that it is known fact in research circles that the government is actively suppressing research into cfs because they dont want another expensive disease and they can get away with doing nothing unlike AIDS because people are not dying all over the place and it can be explained away as a mental condition. Recent events and the lack of funding and action over the years tells me that this is probably true.

    I think they are trying to silence it now. And we have to act now to save ourselves. I just dont know what we can do. There is supposedly millions of us around the globe and we cant even get one thousand of us to sign a petition. We can send letters and things but do they make any difference? We need to do something.
  2. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    A known fact in research circles? Geez, you'd think they'd have the decency to tell us. If they're knowledgeable about this conspiracy and keeping it secret, they're part of the conspiracy, too! :eek: ;)

    I'm giving science a couple more months to work before I get too wound up. So far "our" researchers do not appear to be exceedingly concerned. That may change, of course. Once they're upset, I'm upset.
  3. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    yes they would be part of the conspiracy too. but they would probably work for someone and to speak out could cost them thier job. now who would sacrifice a high paying job and possibly thier career for a disease that they dont have?

    I hope what I heard is wrong. My life may depend on it.
  4. glenp

    glenp "and this too shall pass"

    Vancouver Canada suburbs
    Who would be willing to speak out? The repercussions? Who????
  5. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    I would lean towards believing that the DHHS just didn't know a train was coming. But the train has been in the CDC lobby screeching it's whistle for over 25 years.
  6. alphahusky


    Agent Orange... Tuskegee... Asbestos... Plutonium injections in civilians... Radium-266 injections into psych patients at Elgin State Hospital in Illinois... Experiments with psychoactive drugs on conscientious objectors during Viet Nam... High potency EZ measles vaccines given to four month olds in order to replace any natural resistance they might have, which lead to deaths of female subjects at high rates within four years- CDC sponsored, 1990, done in Third World Countries but also in LA, on unsuspecting Hispanics who were not given informed consent (granted, this info is from a pretty big conspiracy site (1915)-
    Dr. Joseph Goldberger, under order of the U.S. Public Health Office, produces Pellagra, a debilitating disease that affects the central nervous system, in 12 Mississippi inmates to try to find a cure for the disease. One test subject later says that he had been through "a thousand hells." In 1935, after millions die from the disease, the director of the U.S Public Health Office would finally admit that officials had known that it was caused by a niacin deficiency for some time, but did nothing about it because it mostly affected poor African-Americans. During the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi doctors used this study to try to justify their medical experiments on concentration camp inmates (Greger; Cockburn and St. Clair, eds.)... Drs. Francis and Salk and other researchers at the University of Michigan spray large amounts of wild influenza virus directly into the nasal passages of "volunteers" from mental institutions in Michigan. The test subjects develop influenza within a very short period of time (Meiklejohn)....
    Researchers give 800 poverty-stricken pregnant women at a Vanderbilt University prenatal clinic "cocktails" including radioactive iron in order to determine the iron requirements of pregnant women (Pacchioli)....(1963)
    Chester M. Southam, who injected Ohio State Prison inmates with live cancer cells in 1952, performs the same procedure on 22 senile, African-American female patients at the Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in order to watch their immunological response. Southam tells the patients that they are receiving "some cells," but leaves out the fact that they are cancer cells. He claims he doesn't obtain informed consent from the patients because he does not want to frighten them by telling them what he is doing, but he nevertheless temporarily loses his medical license because of it. Ironically, he eventually becomes president of the American Cancer Society (Greger, Merritte, et al.)...
    1963- Researchers at the University of Washington directly irradiate the testes of 232 prison inmates in order to determine radiation's effects on testicular function. When these inmates later leave prison and have children, at least four have babies born with birth defects. The exact number is unknown because researchers never follow up on the men to see the long-term effects of their experiment (Goliszek)....(1963 - 1966) New York University researcher Saul Krugman promises parents with mentally disabled children definite enrollment into the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, N.Y., a resident mental institution for mentally retarded children, in exchange for their signatures on a consent form for procedures presented as "vaccinations." In reality, the procedures involve deliberately infecting children with viral hepatitis by feeding them an extract made from the feces of infected patients, so that Krugman can study the course of viral hepatitis as well the effectiveness of a hepatitis vaccine (Hammer Breslow).... This site also describes the high potency measles vaccination and a lot of this other stuff, though I was only looking for Tuskegee, Willowbrook, and the LSD experiments in the 1960's.

    So, okay, I've been schooled in the economic theory of why everyone wants to shut us up. I get that, I really do. But I can't help but think that there is some other reason some people who are up there in big government positions don't want to "find" this retrovirus, don't want anyone else to find it, go to great lengths to turn us all into mental patients, etc. Maybe this wasn't created in a lab. Maybe it was just found in a lab a long time ago, and someone decided it would be "interesting" to see what would happen to the population that got it, and how information about it could be manipulated. As soon as this disease was taken mildly seriously way back in the mid-late 80's, the psychobabblers really started in. I can't believe some of the absolute crap I was told about my illness, I can't believe the absolute hell I lived through, having my first husband decide to leave me after an ER doctor told him I wasn't sick, I just "needed more spankings." Do I think all of these doctors were "in on it?" No. But a few people at the top have known something about this for a long time, and that is why they deliberately don't find it whenever it is shoved in their faces. Why are all those records in the UK sealed until after most of us are dead? If it's just an economic panic, oh big deal. I pass as a "housewife" most of the time. Lucky for me, I'm also now middle-aged, so of course I have "chronic fatigue." I don't really mean to brush off the economic issue, I know it is a big deal, my dreams were destroyed by this disease, but come on, Cort and some others! All of a sudden AIDS and ME/CFS come onto the scene in a big way at the same time? I know there were earlier outbreaks, which is why I think maybe this wasn't created in a lab, but wouldn't it be "fun" to see what happens to a buncxh of mostly women who get a disease that suddenly turns them all back into housewives (and bad ones) right when feminism is really making a difference? Wouldn't it be "interesting" to see how people- male and female- fight back when they get this disease, if they can fight back, and if not, huh? Wouldn't it be cool to see how many of them end up having actual mental breakdowns, etc., when they are repeatedly made fun of, sent to untrained and uneducated doctors, when their families hear a tiny snippet about a retrovirus 25+ years into their disease and then they hear nothing but, "Huh, we, the CDC, the reigning authorities, can't find it at all!" with all that controversy attached?

    I'm sorry. This is not confusion. This is not stupidity. This is deliberate. No one wants to find this disease because maybe, just maybe, it might lead back to a trail kind of like some of those other famous experiments quoted above.

    I'd love to believe it was something else, I really would, but I also have a cousin with Asperger's and other issues, and have gotten to see how he is treated. I have also worked in the mental "health" community and seen up close how disrespectfully people are treated in that population. The best way to cover your tracks if you want to conduct a teensy little experiment on live humans is to make sure they are either poor, disenfranchised in some way, easy to make fun of and, most of all, in the end, easy to categorize as "mental patients."
  7. justinreilly

    justinreilly Senior Member

    NYC (& RI)

    I think you've got a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. CDC and NIH will do anything to stop the science and crush us. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt as we all know. Their higher ups are probably just relying on their advice not suspecting that they are so venal. It distresses me that you are whitewashing their corruption.
  8. Xandoff

    Xandoff Michael

    Northern Vermont
    THE EMPORERS NEW CLOTHES ALL OVER AGAIN! THE CDC MUST BE DESPARATE TO PULL THIS CRAP IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET. It is a sign of great and BLATANT STUPIDITY TO POST THIS CRAP ON THEIR WEB-PAGE. IT DEMONSTRATES FEAR, PARANOIA and PANIC!After I got over the anger after reading the sheer profanity of what the CDC is posting I came to realize these are indeed desperate people. There are to many articles that scientifically refute GET. They are attempting to put the genie back in the bottle and it won't work over time. I also think they are baiting the CFS community. Please folks don't take the bait, argue UP, not down to their ignorance. Yes they will do a lot of damage to new visitors, Physcians and Family members who might be taken in initially by the new and even worse propaganda. They have moved from offensive to defensive and there lies the CDC's Achilles Heel.

    There are too many blogs, forums and good websites like Phoenix Rising to play defense against. So many people have this illness now in the United States and the World that this illness is touching more and more lives. They are risking the collateral damage of graded excercise Therapy to play defense. How long can it last. They have awoken a sleeping Giant. Science can and will prove their WEBSITE wrong. Easy Target. Big BULSEYE or BIG BULLSHIT. Hey LOOK....THE CDC IS STARK RAVING NAKED!

    I pray to Heaven that this will be the beginning of their final undoing. It is a desperate, poorly thought out gambit in our age of the Internet.
  9. free at last

    free at last Senior Member


    This question suggests that they would design a study designed not to be able to detect XMRV. But I would ask why anybody would want to do that with XMRV? - Knowing that it is going to be the focus of alot of work END

    Im not saying this is the case, its only a suggestion, but the uk clearly is also going down the same path as the CDC and other countries. is it possible that when any particular group sees study after study coming out arguing against XMRV the incentive to add more weight behind that thinking, in the belief that enough negative studys, with a kind of big final push through from those wishing XMRV had never hit the world stage. will possibly ( maybe likely ) kill the research stone dead before its even had a chance.

    That the pushback against the WPI and by defintion any other group wishing to publish positive papers on xmrv research, will in effect shut them all out to the degree that they can no longer function as groups trying to validate xmrv research, i could give numerouse examples of this exact scenario happening right now, the boston retro virus conference. WPI shut out, not allowed to present papers. where they have been able to present papers to similar conferences before, Before the combind weight of all the negative papers really started to influence publications, conferences ect.

    So obviously if this was a tactic being used, yes indeed it is working. Now i do have a hard time beliveing that such groups would go to such lengths to exterminate xmrv research. But not enough to realize hey maybe the politics really are that bad, behind the scenes, how can we know. how can anyone really say 100% sure no, thats impossible it cant happen in the modern world. Wessleys study. and de Freitas, seem to be a indication that maybe it is possible to manipulate the science, Im not talking about faking results, that is going to far, and would be too dangerouse for any goverment group to attempt. But doing techniques that they think could possibly fail, is a very clever alternative to faking results, one that is not dangerouse for exposure. and one that would help the push with a landslide of negative papers, convincing everybody researchers patients, goverment ministers that the finding of xmrv is a non starter, back to buisness as usual.

    Even my belief has been shaken to the core about the xmrv discovery. and i dont trust agencys the way some scientists and researchers do. So yes if that is the game. It is clearly working already. How do we know. Im predicting Lipkin will fail. I did somthing similar before and was wrong. so thats put a curse on Ian hopefully

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