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Anyone have a personal assistaint or cargiver?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Offset Entity, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Jennifer J

    Jennifer J Senior Member

    Southern California
    At that time I had to give copies to an agency that was able to help me then and pay for my help. It did make me feel more comfortable having copies of both though if anything happened.

    I'm not sure if I was able to pay cash for help if I'd be comfortable asking for those, yet it does seem like a good idea if something goes wrong. Having it gave me a little extra security for various reasons.

    @tudiemoore, that sounds like a very interesting job, hard and rewarding, too!

    @Offset Entity, I know it's hard when you're so limited and really need help. There's more I want to say but my brain just stopped, can't access the words.

    We're here for you.
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  2. Offset Entity

    Offset Entity

    @tudiemoore @Jennifer J Thank you for you kind thoughtful replies.

    I got an update on the situation
    Had a great day with her help, shes coming back tomorrow afternoon to help some more and join me and my partner for dinner (shes cooking/cleaning)
    shes totally cool with giving me a copy of her ID and some contact info to leave with my parents. she also had the great idea of her having my parents numbers in case im having an emergency/issue lol i hadn't even thought of that.

    Things are looking really good. i just gotta keep reminding myself to be cautious and take things slow no matter how positive it all seems now.
  3. Offset Entity

    Offset Entity


    been working with my new caretaker for 2 weeks now. she is so awesome. we get so much done and she is so happy with the perks and pay she has often said she feels bad taking money from me, while at the same time i wish i could afford to pay her more!

    honestly now im worried im gonna loose her when she gets a real job lol

    Shes not really a computer/business assistant like i wanted but she is a phenomenal caretaker and that is what i really needed. Shes gonna be coming over 2 mornings to make breakfast and do a small chores before her other job in addition to one full day to take me on errands, prep meals and take care of the big chores. She is super understanding and gets along well with my partner and my parents.

    ive actually gotten another reply to the ad and this person sounds more tech savvy and younger. id like to take her on as well to do more business stuff but i cant really justify that when my websites aren't even live yet, let alone making profits.

    best wishes to you all.
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