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anyone have a doc they could recommend who is like Dr Jay Goldstein?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by humanrising, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. humanrising


    Hi, everyone
    I have been on this journey for ages and have done just about all of it! I have a good ten plus years of my own research to boot and know in my bones that Dr Jay Goldsteins protocol is the right direction for me. Pain is my main issue.
    I can follow the path from gene-to birth- childhood- car accidents- to where I ve landed and have lived at for almost a decade. Unfortunately, instead of listening to my gut and research, I have gone where my doctors have sent me ( some of it reasonable but ultimately not helpful) and its left me worse and broke.
    If anyone knows of someone who worked with him or say they utilize any of his paradigm or if you know of a doctor who is willing and open to at least consider to try some of the med's I would deeply appreciate the name. I live in bay area in California and could travel but would prefer to stay closer to home.
    I appreciate that everyone has treatment opinions but I would rather not get into that side of it just hoping that someone might be able to point me in the direction I am looking for. I have medicare and know that many a treatment might not be covered but hoping I can at least get the doctors time covered by my insurance.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    There are several threads on Jay Goldstein, and if I remember correctly, a few members have worked with or contemplated working with doctors influenced by him. If you plug his name into the Google Site Search, you will find those threads.

    Best wishes,

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