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Anyone else with high histamine and insomnia?

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by leanguy, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. leanguy


    I have been suffering from severe insomnia for the past 10 years (40 year old male). I can usually fall asleep, but wake within 1-2 hours and usually stay awake the rest of the night (or get another hour of sleep around 4am). I have been through hundreds of labs, drugs, supplements and therapies but haven't found a solid answer yet. The only nugget I have right now is elevated whole blood histamine (142 on a scale of 12-127). On a prior test it was 151, so I know this has been a real issue. This can indicate "undermethylation", and it makes sense that it would cause insomnia because calming neurotransmitters are low, while stimulating histamine is high. I am waiting for the results of another test, Methylation Pathways Panel, that will truly show if I am undermethylated. I have been taking methionine 2g in divided doses, with vitamin C for several months. I have seen some improvement, but nothing spectacular. Taking too many "methyl" donors gets me too wired up, so it is a balancing act. Anyone else in the same boat here?
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  2. Snowdrop

    Snowdrop Vexacious, thy name is PACE

    Your sleep pattern sounds like mine.
    Unfortunately I have not figured out what to do about it and I have limited resources in any case.
    I am waiting on finding some potassium before starting a simplified methyl protocol.
    My Dr has Rxed Lyrica but it's early days to know if that will do anything as I'm taking small titrated doses from the capsules and working up.
  3. Star-Anise

    Star-Anise Senior Member

    @leanguy I have suffered from insomnia for most of my life, and I too, have high histamine, although I have never had it definitely tested as it was quite obvious being that my body acts/acted like it was allergic to everything.
    Interestingly, too many methyl donors makes me wired up too.
    Unfortunately I have found that there are no really easy answers, and it has taken a little of this and a little of that to get my body to sleep well. And I still don't have the situation solved 100%.
    I have found sleep to be this interplay between both environmental factors (ensuring low stress, lights off and dark in house 2 hours prior to bed, good sleep-habits i.e. same time, no reading in bed) & strategic supplements to address the underlying physiological causes.
    For me a huge component was weak adrenals. My adrenals never tested in the abnormal range as per am/pm cortisol blood draws, but when I had saliva testing done my naturopath was able to identify that I had adrenal fatigue as my cortisol production didn't modulate accordingly to time of day & I had high night-time cortisol. I can provide you with more information if you feel that this might be an issue for you, in terms of what supplements and regimens worked for me to address. Related to the adrenal fatigue in my studies can be these issues with histamine. I have to eat a very, very restricted diet, and if I eat something as seemingly mundane as say a mango, I won't sleep either. As well, related to the adrenals was my problems with hypoglycemia. This accounts often for people's middle of the night wakings. It doesn't have to be an actual hypoglycemia low, but sugars falling too rapidly (relative hypoglycemia).
    Lastly, it is evident that I have issues with melatonin production, and through the years I have on/off again used Tryptophan. However, *note my theory, I think some people especially with potential genetic mutations (snps) on MAO genes can have problems with that serotonin - melatonin pathway. I think I am one of those people. So if I take too much Tryptophan it is too stimulating, and too little does nothing.
    Specifically with respect to the histamine - insomnia connection, for a long time I used antihistamines (over the counter) to sleep. Just make sure you don't get the non-drowsy kind. I often used gravol as well, which works as a anti-histamine...
    Hope that helps...
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  4. Hell...Hath...No...Fury..

    Hell...Hath...No...Fury.. Senior Member

    I've had insomnia my whole life way before the ME. I've never thought to have histamine levels tested even though the only migraine tablets that were ever really effective for me contained antihistamines.
    The migraine tablet in question has since been stopped so I had to source the antihistamine part of it myself. Available on amazon.
    Its called doxylamine succinate and if taken on its own before bed, works great as a sleeping tablet. It can't be used long term though as the body gets used to it. A quarter of a tablet is enough to sleep to begin with but then after a few weeks one whole tablet is needed for the same effect so a break is needed. But its great for correcting a wonky or reversed sleep pattern whenever it happens or to bring bedtime earlier, for occasional use.
    Once it knocks you out, you tend to get a decent amount of hours sleep too, i usually sleep a full 8 hours on it :)
  5. leanguy


    Thanks for the replies.

    @Star-Anise sounds like we have similar issues. It is true, excess histamine over stimulates the adrenals. I have been taking tryptophan + seriphos in the evening and seeing some improvement. I try to stay away from antihistamine drugs because they can actually increase histamine in the long term. If your histamine excess is coming from food, you might try a diamine oxidase supplement with meals. It is kind of pricey though... the cheapest is daosin from swanson. It didn't do anything for me, so I think undermethylation is the cause for me. I'll keep this thread updated. Thanks again.
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  6. martytheman


    I think I have histamine issues , and I am also intolerant to methyls - but I have found N-acetyl-cysteine + L-theanine gives me great sleep. I need to take a bit of niacin sometimes because l-theanine is a methyl donor ( and I get back pain ) - niacin clears it out pretty well usually about 50mg ( or is that mcg ) . Anyway I had insomnia since I was very young.
  7. Gingergrrl

    Gingergrrl Community Support Volunteer

    I don't want to take this thread off topic but was wondering if anyone in the thread is still able to find this product which has been discontinued by Swanson and seems to be off the market- period.

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